Misa Hylton came to mainstream stardom from her relationships. Over the years, she was with two of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. Likewise, her children also joined the industry.

Hylton herself became a wildly popular figure. Moreover, Misa currently holds a career as a stylist and fashion designer. Learn about Misa and her life down below in this article.

How Old is Misa Hylton? Misa’s Age, Bio, and Family

Misa Hylton-Brim is currently 49 years old. Likewise, the former celebrity wife was born on January 7th, 1973. What’s more, Misa was born in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. As such, Hylton holds an American nationality. Similarly, the fashion designer comes from an Asian-Afro-American ethnicity.

Misa Hylton was promoting different brands on her Instagram
Misa Hylton was promoting different brands on her Instagram. Source: Instagram

Hylton was born to a mother hailing from Japanese and Jamaican ancestry. Moreover, her dad was of African-American descent. However, the names of Misa’s parents remain hidden from the world.

More on her family, Misa was born the only child of her father and mother. Similarly, she grew up listening to hip-hop and thus holds it near and dear to her heart. Furthermore, Hylton also enjoyed fashion from a young age.

Given her fame and success in the fashion industry, Misa must have graduated from a fashion school. But, her early life remains shrouded in mystery. So, the names of Hylton’s schools and colleges remain hidden from the world. What’s more, Misa has known her ex-partner Sean Combs from a young age.

Is Misa Hylton single right now? Or Is she in a relationship?

Right now, Misa Hylton is a single lady. Furthermore, she has been in relationships with multiple high-status men. Moreover, the men Hylton dated are mostly involved in the hip-hop industry.

Misa Hylton was with her ex-boyfriend Sean Combs
Misa Hylton was with her ex-boyfriend Sean Combs. Source: Instagram

Misa’s first publicly known relationship was with Sean Combs. Moreover, the duo started their affair in the early 90s. Similarly, Sean and Hylton welcomed their first child Justin Dior Combs. But, the duo of Misa and Diddy never tied the knot.

Afterward, Misa married her first spouse, Jojo Brim, in the mid-90s. Furthermore, Misa and her ex-husband, Jojo, finalized their divorce in the earn 2000s. Besides, the married duo welcomed three children in their wedlock.

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The fashion designer and her ex-husband welcomed two sons and a daughter. Furthermore, the couple named their kids Devin Brim, Niko Brim and Madison Star Brim. Both Niko and Madison followed their parents’ footsteps and joined the hip-hop industry. But, Devin prefers to lead a life away from the spotlight.

How much Net Worth does Misa Hylton have?

As of 2022, Misa Hylton, the fashion designer, holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. Furthermore, Misa earned her wealth from her career as a stylist and a fashion designer. Likewise, her husband and child all share millions of dollars as their net worth.

Misa Hylton was promoting different product
Misa Hylton was promoting different products. Source: Instagram

The typical salary of a stylist starts at $20 per hour. However, more experienced and the stylist’s name can earn them up to $10k-$20k per session. Similarly, a fashion designer can earn up to $100k to $1 million annually. Likewise, she also draws the income from her IG promotional post. Furthermore, Misa earns around $1k to $10k per promotional post.

What’s more, her son Niko Brim holds an approximated net worth of $2 million. Likewise, her ex-husband, Jojo Brim, owns a roughly calculated net worth of $19 million. Moreover, her ex-boyfriend Sean Combs holds a massive net worth of $740 million.

Online Presence

Misa Hylton holds a massive online following as of 2022. Moreover, thousands of people watch her content on Instagram. What’s more, currently, Hylton’s Instagram account holds 479k followers.

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