Chucky, one of the cult-classic horror movies. Moreover, Adam Hurtig came to fame from the recent installment of the Chucky franchise. What’s more, he appeared in 2017‘s Cult of Chucky. However, that’s not the first time he appeared in the franchise. In 2013, Adam played the minor role of Officer Stanton in the Curse of Chucky movie.

Hurtig started his career back in 2009. Likewise, he began his journey from the short movie Lindsey. And over the years, this talented actor played various roles in different films. Despite his long career, the actor likes to lead a life away from mainstream media. Learn more about Hurting in this article, starting with his age.

How Old is Adam Hurtig? Read about his age and bio

Adam Hurtig was born in the early 1980s. As such, his age is currently around his early 40s. Furthermore, the actor from the Chucky franchise hails from the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As such, Hurtig holds Canadian nationality.

Adam Hurtig was posing with father
Adam Hurtig was posing with his father. Source: Instagram

Hurtig comes from a white heritage. However, his family background remains hidden from the world. And as such, the names of his parents remain hidden as well. Nevertheless, the actor remains close with his parents. What’s more, on one of his IG posts, he posted a picture with his father on Father’s Day. Likewise, Adam thanked his father, Mr. Hurtig, for being his biggest supporter.

The Canadian actor, Adam, grew up in his hometown Toronto. However, the actor remains reclusive about sharing his childhood with his fans. Moreover, the actor grew up with a sister in his family. But, the name of his sibling remains unknown for now. Nevertheless, he shared a picture with her, congratulating his sister on finishing her exam on September 26th, 2016.

How tall is Adam from Cult of Chucky?

Adam Hurtig stands proudly at six feet and two inches. Moreover, the actor’s natural hair color is ginger. But, his weight remains hidden for now.

Is Adam Hurtig married? Does he have kids?

Yes, the handsome Canadian actor, Adam Hurtig, could be a married man. But, he is definitely in a loving relationship. What’s more, the actor shares about his partner frequently on his IG account.

Adam Hurtig was posing with his girlfriend Katie Mansbridge on Christmas
Adam Hurtig was posing with his girlfriend, Katie Mansbridge, on Christmas. Source: Instagram

Adam is currently in a relationship with a mysterious girl named Katie Mansbridge. However, Hurtig’s girlfriend likes to keep a low profile. And as such, not much is known about Katie. But, the Canadian actor loves to share about her on his Instagram.

Adam used to date a girl named Constance Wiebe, going back to the past. Additionally, the duo started dating in the early 2010s. Likewise, her last known involvement with Hurtig was on Valentine’s Day 2014. But, later, the duo decided to walk their separate ways and broke up.

Is Kristoffer Polaha married or Still Single?

Though the couple, Adam and Katie, are yet to welcome children, they own a dog together. Likewise, the Canadian actor and his partner hold a strong relationship. But, Hurtig and Mansgridge haven’t announced any news of getting married.

How Rich is Adam Hurtig? Hurtig’s Net Worth

Given the number of years Adam Hurtig worked as an actor, he must own a huge sum of money. Moreover, Adam holds an approximated net worth of $1 million in 2022. Besides, the actor appeared in many TV shows and movies.

Adam Hurtig was at the set filming during the pandemic
Adam Hurtig was at the set filming during the pandemic. Source: Instagram

TV shows and movies usually pay an actor around $17-$20 per hour. Likewise, the series regular and main cast earn per episode. Similarly, they usually earn depending on a budget of a TV show. While some shows pay around $30k-$50k per episode, some pay the leading cast around $1 million per episode.

Adam leads a comfortable life with his partner, Katie Mansbridge. What’s more, Hurtig loves traveling, so his IG account is filled with his travels to exotic places. Also, the actor shares his work and new projects on his IG account. However, Hurtig rarely shares his assets like his cars and houses. Thus, the details about them remain hidden from his fans and followers.

Online Presence

Adam Hurtig uses most of the major social media sites. Likewise, he prefers to use Instagram above the others. Furthermore, he currently holds 2,559 followers on IG. Likewise, on Twitter, the actor managed to pull in 1k followers. Similarly, Adam also uses Linkedin. Moreover, Hurtig also owns a Facebook account, but he hasn’t posted since 2020.

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