Pawn Stars has been rocking the television screen for almost a decade now. The show premiered on July 19, 2009, and has aired 15 seasons. In these years, we have seen a lot of bizarre and antic items that are brought in for pawning. The Harrisons have owned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop since 1989, and it is already a complicated business to manage. So, when cameras are rolling, it is challenging to run the regular business and appear on TV at the same time. On top of that, there are inflexible decrees that the cast of pawn stars must follow. Let’s take a look at the crazy restrictions that the Harrisons must obey.

#1. Obliged to Take Photos

Corey Harrison and Rick Harrison looking over an item which two customers are presenting

Among the set of strict rules set forward by the state, the pawners must keep a record of all the transactions and details of their clients. This may look like a normal requirement, but there is one strange but mandatory rule that they must follow. Along with writing down all the information of their clients they are also obliged to take a photo of their clients.

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#2. Can’t Choose the Pawning Items!

Rick Harrison, Chumlee along with a customer and his pawning item

Viewers of the show might notice that the customers are just drifting in the shop with items in their hand, however, it is not the case. Keeping the cameras rolling for every customer is very costly and meddling. Due to this reason, management vets the items before they are brought to the shop owners.

During working day, the store apprentices select an item and show them to production. Then the clients will again be called to do the same thing again but this time with cameras recording their activities. After all this, the cast doesn’t have a say in what to show on television.

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#3. Cast Shows Up for Work!

Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee sharing a smile

Even though the cast members of the show have their other businesses which they have to take care of, they still have to show up in the pawn shop from Monday to Friday. The shop owner, Rick Harrison, runs a bar and a shopping mall near the legendary Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. His co-worker, Chumlee manages a candy store and also DJs in different locations around Las Vegas.

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#4. Embarrassing Punishments

Corey Harrison putting his two hands in a black barbecue machine

One thing that all the employees in the shop have to follow is not to buy the items they cannot sell. If this happens, they must endure some very embarrassing punishments.This was demonstrated in one of the episodes when Corey bought an Evel Knievel pinball machine for an amount more than he could sell it for. So, he was given the task of setting up the machine for customers and was entrusted with the task of emptying the quarter box after each shift.

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#5. Have to Buy Unnecessary Stuff

Rick Harrison and Chumlee are looking at each other's face

Sometimes the shop owners have to buy stuff they don’t need, and they don’t want to. All items brought into the shop have a different kind of backstory, and it is not sure that people are willing to pay for it. So, the executive producer of the show, Brent Montgomery, convinced the owners to buy items which they usually would not. This way, the show would not just be focusing on the objects with interesting background stories.

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#6. Pawning Firearms: Prohibited!

Richard "Old Man" Harrison is wearing sun-glass and pointing with his index finger

The pawn shop holds a lot of firearms but not one of those weapons were made after 1898. The fans of the show might be surprised to know that the shop doesn’t have a Federal Firearms Licence, restricting them on pawning firearms.

In one of his book, Licence to Pawn, Rick Harrison talks about his father, Richard Harrison and an incident which made their shop ineligible to trade firearms. Apparently, Richard Benjamin, stole a car in his youth, rendering him ineligible to get a firearms license. Rick also explained that dealing with firearms is very tiresome as it involves intense paperwork and background checks.

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#7. Report to the Cops

Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee are standing with their hands folded wearing matching back t-shirt

Pawning business is not only centered on negotiating the prices with customers and learning the backstory of the item. It also involves a lot of paperwork with police. They have to write down all the activities and transaction and submit it to the police every day.


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