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5 Weirdest Items People Brought on Pawn Stars

Viewers have witnessed several items in and out of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in History Channel’s top-rated reality show, Pawn Stars. While some items are cool and rare like the cigar box of President John F Kennedy, some are just plain weird, even to the guys like Rick Harrison and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, who spent their lifetime in the pawn business.

Today, we present to you five weirdest items that appeared in Pawn Stars.

Musical Jolly Chimp

The Old Man often appeared in the show cranky. But when it comes to vintage toys, he had a soft corner. He never backed down from the chance of getting his hands on old toys as it brought back the memories of his childhood where he played with wind-up gizmos.

Musical Jolly Chimp

A woman walked in with the villainous character of Toy Story 3, a 1950s Musical Jolly Chimp, and wanted to sell it just to get rid of the object as her grandchildren were frightened of it. She was expecting to get $100 and would even close the deal for $75, but lucky her, she walked out with $150.

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1950's Transfusion Kit

1950's Transfusion kit

A seller woman showed up in the shop with the kit which she stated was for the “lazy vampire,” and that she doesn’t need it any longer. The old spooky medical device gives most people an uncomfortable sense of nervousness. The client asked for $211 while Chumlee offered her a hundred but a stare from the seller closed the deal for $125.

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Civil Rights Movement Potato

Martin Luther King Jr

We have witnessed many uncanny deals at the pawn shop, but this might steal the cake out of all. The late rapper Sean Price bargained with Chumlee over a spud. Sean claimed the potato dated back to the 60s, which was thrown at Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement in 1963. Sean asked for $100,000 for the tater with a smiley face but later walked with $2.25. Talk about disappointment.

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Vintage Electroshock Machine

Vintage electroshock machine

In the season four episode “Weird Science,” viewers witnessed a number of shocking therapy devices. Collecting torture machines is not a fun hobby but a customer came in with a vintage electroshock machine, which was, surprisingly, in complete working condition and walked out with $75 in her pocket.

Pawn Stars Austin "Chumlee" Russell Car Collection 2018

Odd Fingerprints

Saddam Hussein’s fingerprints

Countless strange items have been showcased in Pawn Stars, but none were as weird as the last item on our list. A former FBI agent came in with Saddam Hussein’s fingerprints, but Rick is not a guy who would bargain for memorabilia which has something to do with really bad people. The price tag of $1500 just wasn’t worth it for the customer, so he walked back out with his prized possession.

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