The drama surrounding Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Pete Davidson had simmered down since the rapper’s Instagram account got banned. Nevertheless, Pete Davidson is back in the news again. However, this time, it is not Kanye who is stirring up drama.

Multiple sites have reported that the late-night host has tattooed the initials of his girlfriend’s children. However, it is unclear if the initials stand for Kim and Kanye’s children. Davidson has yet to confirm or deny the news.

Pete Davidson gets a Tattoo of Kim Kardashian.

Back in March, Pete Davidson finally confronted Kanye West for harassing him. The screenshot shared by Kanye shows that Pete had tried to reason with the rapper. However, the comedian decided to send Ye a picture of him shirtless in bed and told the rapper that he was in bed with Kim.

A close up of Pete's alleged tattoos of Kim's children
A close up of Pete’s alleged tattoos of Kim’s children
Source: Facebook

Fans noticed that Pete had a new tattoo on his chest that seemed to say ‘KIM.’ But, many did not believe that the late-night host had branded himself with his girlfriend’s name. However, Kim confirmed on The Ellen Show that the tattoo was real.

Kim also revealed that Pete has another tattoo dedicated to her. The tattoo is on Pete’s collar bone and says, ‘MY GIRL IS A LAWYER.’ Besides, Pete is no stranger to inking various parts of his life as he grows older.

Does Kim approve of Pete getting tattoos in honor of her children?

Neither Kim Kardashian nor Pete Davidson has confirmed if the tattoos are the initials of Kim’s children. However, just like the ‘KIM’ tattoo, they might later talk about it. Hence, it is unclear how the influencer feels about the tattoos.

A picture of Pete's tattoo Kim shared in her story
A picture of Pete’s tattoo Kim shared in her story
Source: Instagram

Kim also told Ellen DeGeneres that Pete burned her name with a hot iron on his chest. However, fans noticed the Kardashian struggled to explain to Ellen why the comedian would get the tattoo. So, Kim just told the talk show host that that’s what tattoo people do.

However, is Kim still happy about her boyfriend getting her children’s initials? Some fans think that Pete is crossing the line. However, others wonder if it is a publicity stunt for The Kardashians.

How does Kanye West feel about the tattoo rumors?

Kanye West has not yet commented on the rumors of Pete Davidson tattooing his children’s names on his neck. Fans speculate that the rapper is waiting for the confirmation of the rumor. However, it is no secret that Ye is not happy about it.

A picture of Kim and Kanye taking a walk
A picture of Kim and Kanye taking a walk
Source: Pinterest

Kanye has been very vocal about not liking Davidson. He has publicly threatened the late-night show host in the Eazy music video. He also stated in his lyrics that he survived a car crash to beat up Pete.

In addition, what Ye hates more than Pete dating his ex-wife is the comedian spending time with his children. The rapper made it clear that he did not want Davidson around his children. Furthermore, fans think that the comedian is poking fun at Kanye by getting his children’s initials.

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