Deanna Troi, the half-human-half-betazoid character, is played by Marina Sirtis in the well known Star Trek franchise. Commander Troi, with her amazing telepathic abilities and a quite distinctive accent, makes her one of the much-loved characters in the series. Marina’s character, Deanna Troi was to disappear right after the first season, but her growing popularity among the fans was noticed by the producers and gave her the chance of playing on the entire franchise.

As a tribute to the amazing commander Troi, we have prepared some facts about her you probably didn’t know.

Sirtis Hates chocolate

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

As we know, Deanna Troi is a complete chocolate maniac, who has eaten chocolate in every possible form and has said that she hasn’t come across a form of chocolate that she didn’t like. She has tasted 147 types of chocolate. One of the scenes in the sixth episode of season five was dedicated to Deanna’s love of chocolate. But that is not the case for Sirtis, she completely hates chocolate. Sirtis said,

I usually spit the chocolate after each take because I want to look good on my space suit.

She has died in four different timelines

When the Federations were at war with the Klingon family in the dark timeline, Deanna was not present in the Enterprise’s bridge. In the novel, Q-Squared it explains that she died when Klingons destroyed the Betazed.

Marina Troi looks beautiful in the blue and white shade off-shoulder dress

In the season finale, when Picard visits the future, she has long died from an unknown cause. However, the future has been completely changed now, and she is safe. Her other two deaths have not occurred in the main timeline but have in spin-off books. In the book, The War Of The Prophet, the Enterprise-F in which is boarded gets destroyed right over Earth.

In another spin-off novel, Q&A, an alternative Troi is tortured and garrotted to death by the Klingons.

What is Star Trek’s counselor Deanna Troi doing in 2018? Where is Marina Sirtis?

She nearly had four breasts

Marina Sirtis sitting in a chair wearing a black dress

The show’s creator Gene Roddenberry wanted Marina Sirtis’s character to have four breasts in the show. Roddenberry’s idea was to make Troi eye-catching to the audience. He even described her as, “four-breasted, oversexed hermaphrodite.” However the concept of adding multiple breasts was canceled, when producer D.C. Fontana and Gene’s wife disagreed, where Fontana added, “

Women already have enough problems with two. And how are you going to line them up?

Her prominent necklines

Marina Sirtis looks stunning in the off-shoulder dress

When show creator Gene Roddenberry couldn’t keep four bosoms, he settled down for a prominent neckline instead. That didn’t satisfy Gene but was able to run the character for an extended period of time. Fans loved the neckline, and it was the center attraction of the show. Most of her costumes were made to reveal the neckline. Troi was soon known as ‘commander cleavage’ and ‘counselor cleavage.’

Everything about Marina Sirtis, the counselor from Star Trek fanchise Deanna Troi

Deanna was briefly in love with Worf

Deanna Troi and Worf of Klingon family

As we all know, the relation between Deanna and Riker is one of the healthiest relationships on TV. For the six seasons, she and Riker were deeply in love with each other. However, in the seventh season, she and Worf of Klingon family are seen together. The relation is shown quite serious in the show, and when everything is going well, Worf proposes to Troi, and she accepts it. Along the way, when Worf’s son gets into a hostage situation, Troi realizes that they are not meant for each other and calls off the wedding.

Deanna can pilot Enterprise

Marina Sirtis wearing a glittery sky blue dress

In the episode, Thine Own Self, counselor Troi tries to become a bridge officer. In the course of a trial, she passes all the tests easily, except one where she has to save a badly damaged Enterprise. In several attempts to pass the examination, she fails and thinks it’s impossible to save the Enterprise without anyone getting hurt. After seeing that, Riker gives her a few clues, and she completes her task. She then passes her exam which promotes her to the rank of Commander.

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What is Star Trek’s counselor Deanna Troi doing in 2018? Where is Marina Sirtis?