The long-running Emmy award-winning docuseries Deadliest Catch is returning to Discovery for Season 15. The season will kick off from Dutch Harbor, where the crew members connect and gear up for the brutal Bering Sea crabbing seasons.

Deadliest Catch New Season & Cast

Deadliest Catch cast

This season, fans will get to see new changes in the fleet. There will be a new boat with a cut-throat captain. New to the fleet is 148-foot-long F/V Southern Wind helmed by “no-nonsense” Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson, who doesn’t get along with anyone quickly.

Captain Steve, who has captained Southern Wind for 15 years allegedly knows a location with over a quarter-billion dollars worth of king crabs. F/V Southern is the second largest vessel in the fleet after Captain Keith Colburn’s F/V Wizard. Reportedly, Steve and Keith are the biggest rivals.

The rest of the captains battle to get in on the score in the devastating winter weather, causing season-ending injuries and more damages to their boats than they have seen in years.

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Breaking out ahead of others, Steve scoured the grounds with over 1,200 pots and came to a belief that a quarter billion dollar-worth of crab are clustered in a single massive horde. On the legendary F/V Northwestern, Captain Sig Hansen has been preparing his 23 years old daughter, Mandy Hansen, to be his relief skipper.

Jake Anderson, after years of struggle, has whipped F/V Saga into ship shape and is back with a strong crew, who wants to be a partner of the boat than just an employee. With large boat payments due, veteran Captain Wild Bill has a lot to keep his eye on as he is on the Bering Sea with two untested greenhorns.

Captain Sean Dwyer, who took the helm of F/V Brenna A after his father died five years ago, is taking every challenge at sea with major ambitions to expand his business. Last season, Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus filled F/V Cornelia Marie at a breakneck pace escaping a series of close calls.

The young skipper, who is trying to continue his late father, Captain Phil Harris’ legacy on the Bering Sea, has the challenge to prove that last year’s success wasn’t a fluke. With the dropping temperature, the weather is colder than it has ever been in over five years and parts of the Bering Sea are beginning to freeze over along with the boats in it.

Let’s wait until April Tuesday, April 9, when the Discovery premieres the tough and exciting season 15 at 9 p.m.

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