Catherine Herridge the Chief Intelligence correspondent for Fox News Channel is a talented journalist with a huge net worth. She must be earning a huge salary from the network. Let’s find out.

Catherine Herridge’s career at Fox News

Herridge started her career with ABC as their London based correspondent. She joined the Fox News network in 1996, following which she traveled to various countries such as Guantanamo Bay, Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan for news coverage. 

Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge presenting a show.

In 2000 covered the election campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton from New York. At that time, she also served as a New York-based correspondent for Fox Broadcasting Network newsmagazine, Fox Files. She led investigations about prescription drug abuse problems, child prostitution, and Medicare fraud. Her work there was highly appraised and she also won a Bronze World Medal.

Everything to know about the award-winning investigation journalist Catherine Herridge

She covered and reported the horrific 9/11 incident, along with the aftermath of the incident. She was one of the few reporters who was allowed to sit in the military courtroom with the architect of 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and his four apprentices.

Catherine Herridge reached the AIM Award ceremony, wearing a turtle necked black dress.

As one of the investigating members of the network’s team, Catherine was a part of an 18-month long mission in Yemen to investigate the involvement of Anwar-al-Awlaki in the 9/11 incident. She became the first one to publish a report on September 12 about the attack.

Catherine has investigated and reported on the planned bombing on Christmas Day 2009, failed attack on Times Square 2010 and the October 2010 bomb plot. More recently, she was honored with Reed Irvine Award 2013 for her outstanding achievements in investigative journalism along with Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. She collected the award with her sons, Peter and Jamie.

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In 2007, a legal dispute regarding salary took place between Catherine and Fox News after a no-complaint clause was added to Herridge’s contract by Fox News, which she refused to sign. A formal complaint was registered with the EEOC, and in 2010, EEOC sued Fox. Sadly the lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge. The dismissal was partly due to Herridge’s demand for a 95% salary increase.

Reporter Catherine Herridge looking elegant with short haircut. She is a Fox News correspondent.

Catherine has not disclosed her salary. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. 

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