Jen Carfagno is a family woman. Weather reporting is quite a difficult job. And taking that work and family side by side is a next level challenge as it encounters numerous hardships. A storm specialist and field reporter, Jen is a mother of two children. Her supportive husband and an ability to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life have made it easier for her.

Jen Carfagno’s happy family of four reside in Atalanta

Well, Jen rarely makes public appearances with her husband and daughters. She hasn’t provided us an access to her married life as she rarely shares a picture featuring her whole family even on her social media pages. However, keeping the personal life behind the closed doors doesn’t mean one isn’t happy. 

Jen Carfagno enjoying outing with husband and daughters

As cheerful as she always seems in front of the camera, her life behind the scene is the same. She and husband Neil married sometime around the mid-2000s. Reports have it that the lovebirds had been together for a while before tying the knot.

Now, they are proud parents to two daughters: namely Kelly and Natalie.  But, her baby girls’ birthday is also not revealed. Currently, the small family of four reside in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Jen is counted as one of the hot weather women at TWC

TV journalism job requires a perfection by every aspect including the reporting and anchoring talents as well as outer looks. Being an integral part of the Weather Channel, it’s a challenge for Jen Carfagno to maintain her body measurements. And she has excelled on it.  In the late 30s, she looks nothing like her age.

Jen Carfagno presenting weather reports on the Weather Channel. She is flaunting her well-defined body measurements in the fitting dress.

Always known for her impeccable dressed personality, the gorgeous mother of two has a well-defined hourglass-shaped body measuring approx. 36-25-37 inches. Her curvaceous figure is complemented by the medium height of 5 feet 5 inches and balanced weight of about 50 kg. Blonde hair and brown eye color add extra charm to her cheerful face.

Jen has not talked about the secrets behind her striking personality. However, we can guess it as the result of balanced diet combined with scheduled exercises.