Catherine Herridge's son's cancer survival put her family in limelight! Married Life & Husband's Support?

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Catherine Herridge may be a renowned name in her profession, but she has shut every door that lead to her personal life. She finds comfort in keeping her treasured personal life away from the limelight. Mother of her two adorable children Peter and Jaime, Catherine is married to Jeff Miller. The exact date of their marriage the birth details of their children is yet to be disclosed.

The only time the couple and their family came into limelight was in 2005 when Catherine bravely decided to donate a part of her liver to her cancer diagnosed son Peter. Back in 2006, Catherine’s infant son, Peter, was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease, Biliary Atresia, a kind of cancer since the time of his birth. This caused the blockage of his bile ducts which caused progressive injury to vital body functions. In the course of time, they were in desperate need of a liver donor.

Peter was hospitalized in Children’s hospital of Pittsburgh for a month. Catherine and her spouse Jeff waited for months to find a donor for their son. Sadly the hope of saving his life was slowly faded away as they couldn't find the donor.  After a month of patience, Catherine stepped up to donate a part of her liver, as doctor said she could give.

The emotional moment was covered by Catherine’s Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren. She updated the state of Catherine and her infant baby through her blog. The hard decision back then proved to be the right as it was a successful transplant, and currently both the mother and son are living a healthy life. 

Furthermore, Catherine is also an author. She has a book titled The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits which puts light in terrorism and the impact it shall have in North American and Middle East in the future. Not only that, she is also an Outspoken advocate for organ donation.  

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