The Chief Intelligence Correspondent for Fox News Channel, Catherine Herridge has an appealing personality, embellished by her hairstyle, dressing sense and her hot long legs. Herridge has maintained a charismatic appearance along with healthy body measurements.

Catherine Herridge has hot body measurements even at 53

Catherine Herridge recently turned 53 on 18 May, yet she looks nothing like her age. Her body measurements are certainly a factor attributing to her young appearance. Besides, her signature hairstyle, pixie haircut, has also helped her in looking hip.

 Catherine Herridge in short haircut

Herridge is 5’5” tall and has body measurements of approx. 34-24-34 inches. She has been able to achieve such slim body due to her metabolism, as well as from exercises.

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Catherine Herridge is a yoga fan

Despite working in an industry that demands a lot of time, Catherine has been making time to look after her body. An avid yoga practitioner, she attributes her healthy body to the “Bikram” yoga, which she has been practicing for a long time.

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Her yoga classes are conducted in a 100-degree room for 90 minutes. Speaking about it, she said, “I think it would just relax people a little bit more. It’s the great equalizer: You come here, and you’re real stripped down, you’re sweating.”

 Catherine Herridge practicing yoga

Catherine added, “I started having real problems with my upper back, so I really started coming [to yoga class] more because I felt it really loosened me up and it was a good discipline to kind of let go and everything because you can’t check your BlackBerry constantly when you’re in here.”

Yoga has definitely diminished her health issues. Besides, it has helped her in releasing the stress from the terrifying nature of reporting she does.

We got to admit that Catherine looks so much young even in her 50s making it kind of hard to believe that she is already a mother of two sons.

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