What happened to Billy Brown?

Billy Brown is standing in water reservoir wearing a boot and hands inside his pocket

The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People have gone through a lot this year. At first, Ami Brown was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, which she miraculously beat. Then the family had to leave their Alaskan homestead and move to Washington to be closer to the medical center for Ami’s routine medical check-up.

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In addition to that, Bear Brown had his eye injured after a run-in with a tree, and Gabe Brown suffered from long illness. Afterward, the oldest Brown sibling, Matt entered rehab for the second time to seek treatment for alcohol addiction. Recently, Billy Brown was hospitalized after suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Sources have claimed that he is now at home in Washington recovering from the illness.

Son Bear Brown wrote in an Instagram post that he was at the hospital with his dad. Billy has dealt with various health issues in the past. He suffers from seizures and loses consciousness from time to time.

Get well soon, Billy.

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