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$1.6 million Lawsuit & 4 other Facts About Bering Sea Gold

Following the success of Deadliest Catch, executive producer of the show Thom Beers, created a new reality show, Bering Sea Gold following the day to day struggles of boats, which roam around the Bering Sea, defying fierce storms. 

The only difference between these shows is that Bering Sea Gold is about hunting actual treasure, not crabs but gold, buried millions of years ago on the seabeds. From its debut season in 2012, nine seasons of the show has been released, including four seasons of Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. Today we bring you some facts that you may or may not know about Discovery’s Bering Sea Gold

#5. The Show Evoked a Mini Gold Rush in Alaska 

a plate full of gold

Fans have been known to imitate the things they see on television. They love following trends and patterns especially that of reality shows and Bering Sea Gold is no exception to this rule. Within a few months after the show premiered, Alaskan News channels reported on the massive increase of people who were visiting Nome, where the show is filmed. Norton Bay became a tourist destination in no time. Sadly, many had to return home empty-handed because of the policy they had with gold mining.

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#4. Emily Riedel Aimed for Six figures with Just $300

Without a question, Emily Riedel is one of the best and richest gold miners out there in Nome. However, she wasn’t always cruising around the Bering Sea with thousands of dollars and crew backing her up in every obstacle. 

Emily Riedel leaning on her boat The Eroica

Unlike other miners, Emily set out for Alaska, after her friend convinced her that gold mining is a faster way of making money. So, she moved to Alaska with just $300 rich in her pocket. After a few months, Discovery Channel reached out to her and offered her to star in a reality show. Emily saw the potential on that idea and accepted the offer. Later, she went to become a fan favorite in no time.

Shawn "Mr. Gold" Pomrenke in new season of Bering Sea Gold

#3. Way Safer than Hunting Crabs 

Mining boat Reaper on the way to gold mine

Both Bering Sea Gold and Deadliest Catch are set in Alaska and are similar, except for two things, hunting crabs and safety. To fish crabs, boats need to travel far from the coast and weathers are also not favorable during the hunting seasons. But to search for gold, miners don’t have to travel too far from the coast and face fierce storms all the time. Making it safer than hunting crabs. 

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#2. John Mehelich Got Sued by the Government

Wrecked Sound Developer in the Cordova Harbor

In 2016, John Mehelich was sued by the government, when he refused to take care of his sunken vessel, Sound Developer. His boat, which sunk into Cordova Harbour in 2009, had caused some serious damages to its surrounding ecosystem as more than 450 gallons of oil had been spilled in the water.

Later, he faced a federal lawsuit that claimed it cost more than $1.6 million to recover his sunken vessel from the Cordova harbor and clean up the surrounding.

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#1. Reunion Conflict  

Vernon Adkinson standing

The Bering Sea Gold miners broke into a fight in one of the reunion shows that was not staged at all. The fight became so violent that led to police and paramedics being called to stop the brawl and treat some injuries. The fight started with a very angry Vernon Adkinson, who accused Scott Meisterheim of being fraud and a thief. And Scott reacted by throwing a drink at Vernon which led to physical violence. 

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