Bear Brown’s life has really been like a whirlwind for some time now. 

The star of Alaskan Bush People proposed his long-term girlfriend, Raiven Adams in late August. While we thought they were the “perfect match,” the couple shocked us by calling it quits just two weeks after the proposal. 

Soon to be father with ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams

Although the two parted ways, they did find a way to stay connected. Just a few days ago, Raiven and Bear announced that they were going to have a baby!

Bear Brown announced the news of pregnancy with ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams. They are expecting the baby due this spring.

Bear shared a picture of a baby onesie and a positive pregnancy test on Instagram and said, “It looks like I’m going to be a dad, it came as a huge surprise when I first heard I could barely contain my excitement! Even though it didn’t work out between Raiven and I, we both are still really good friends and are looking forward to raising this little wolf the best we can as co-parents!”

Bear Brown's ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams with her baby bump

The soon-to-be-mom, Raiven shared the news by posting a picture of the baby bump on her private Instagram account.

Despite their recent split, the exes have decided to remain good friends. The 32 years old reality star says, “Raiven will be an amazing mom and I will work my hardest to be the best dad I can be!”

According to Bear, the newest member of the brown family is due this spring. 

Father Billy Bear’s Health Condition

While the soon-to-be-father is excited to welcome his first child, he is also worried for his father who recently underwent a major surgery. 

Alaskan Bush People star, Billy Brown recently underwent a major surgery. He had been facing respiratory problems for some time now

Alaskan Bush People star, Billy Brown was hospitalized last year due to major respiratory problems. His condition was so serious that they had to relocate him down the mountain. The kids rallied their parent’s trailer home in a lower elevation where Billy would have an easier time breathing. 

Alaskan Bush People star, Billy Brown had been facing respiratory problems and was hospitalized during August, 2019

Bear has been updating us about  his father’s health condition on Instagram. On August 31, 2019, he informed the Alaskan Bush enthusiasts that his dad was in hospital and wrote, “It looks like they are wanting to admit him and he might need a major surgery!” While the surgery did take place, his health issue has not yet resolved. 

Bear Brown's father, Billy Brown recently underwent major surgery but still has more tests to take

In a recently uploaded video on Instagram, Bear said, “We’ve been going through some major medical issues with my dad, he got out of surgery yesterday but it looks like he’s going to be needing more tests! Thanks everybody for sticking with my family and for all y’all guys support!”

Further information is yet to be known. But until then, we wish Billy and Bear the best of luck!