Actors need to be well-dressed and look good most of their time. Furthermore, an actor’s choice of outfit can propel them into the history books. Or, at least in a list such as this! Be it on the red carpet or other functions, and these actors managed to carve their names on our minds with their outfits.

These are the ten actors with the most memorable outfits. And as always, the list below won’t be in any particular order. And so, without further ado, we present you with the ten most memorable outfits worn by actors:

10. Chris Hemsworth

The Mighty Thor and MCU star Chris Hemsworth is a very handsome man. Moreover, Hemsworth also seems to know what outfit is the best for any given occasion. What’s more, the Aussie actor mostly dawns a luxurious two-piece suit for the red carpet. He also wears casual clothes in the comfort of his home.

Chris Hemsworth in a casual outfit
Chris Hemsworth was in a casual outfit.
Source: Instagram

As the mighty Thor, Chris needs to be in top shape. As such, he usually prefers to wear gym-friendly outfits. Moreover, he often opts for loose-fitting clothes than tight outfits. But, the actor also wears a plain T-shirt and jeans most of the time.