5. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa came to fame from the TV show Game of Throne. Moreover, he gave all of his fans and media something to remember with his outfit. At the premiere of Justice League, he was in black pants and t-shirts, while the rest of the cast were in their finest suits and tux.

Jason Mamoa holding two guitars
Jason Mamoa was holding two guitars.
Source: Instagram

Given his Hawaiian heritage, Jason proudly wears tribal tattoos. Likewise, he usually goes with sleeveless shirts or half sleeve shirts. What’s more, the DC hero seems to love loose-fitting shirts, as seen in the many pictures on his Instagram. All in all, Momoa makes heads turn in every outfit.

4. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is a fantastic actor who will be voicing King Killmonger in Marvel’s What If animated series. Besides, his costume in the Black Panther movie was beloved by his fans. Furthermore, in real life, Jordan likes to wear casual outfits more than suits.

Michael B. Jordan wearing a black suit
Michael B. Jordan was wearing a black suit.
Source: Instagram

Michael looks fantastic in any outfit. He seems to enjoy wearing jeans and jackets more than suits and ties. However, when it’s time for the red carpet, Jordan dresses up in a fabulous tuxedo. Likewise, he seems to enjoy the darker shade of color.