7 Ryan Gosling

As a child actor, Ryan Gosling rose to stardom after appearing in the 90s TV show Goosebumps. The talented actor has come a long way from a child actor. What’s more, he branched out to music as well. Moreover, Gosling is a member of Dead Man’s Bones along with Zach Shields.

Ryan Gosling in a fabulous outfit
Ryan Gosling is in a fabulous outfit.
Source: Instagram

Coming back to the topic, Ryan usually wears a tux on the significant events. However, Gosling seems to be more comfortable with black jeans and t-shirts. What’s more, the multi-talented actor likes the more casual outfits rather than tuxes and suits.

6. Zac Efron

Although 2021 hasn’t been a good year for Zac Efron, he is one of the best-dressed actors in Hollywood. Moreover, due to his plastic surgery, Zac was trolled all over the internet. Furthermore, many of the trollers called the actor Handsome Squidward.

Zac Efron holding a Tasmanian devil in a casual outfit
Zac Efron was holding a Tasmanian devil in a casual outfit.
Source: Instagram

Efron lives a life filled with adventure, and so, he likes to dawn on sports wears. Furthermore, aside from the red carpet and talk show appearance, he usually chooses more casual outfits than fancy suits/tuxedos. Well, the former Disney star looks terrific no matter which outfit he wears.