A woman with versatility packed in her bags, Zeta Makrypoulia is a sensational woman with some rare qualities and abilities. Zeta is an astonishing Greek model, actress, television presenter and fashion designer who has given a lot to the world of her profession and established herself as an irreplaceable character. Zeta Makrypoulia was born on 31th July of the year 1978. 36 years aged Zeta was born in historical city Athens of Greece. Holding a deadly combo of beauty and talent, Zeta Makrypoulia is really an inspirational figure to millions living all around the world.

Sexy and sizzling woman, Zeta has the height of 5’8” and the weight of 55 kg which perfectly suits his personality.Her long and sexy legs build up a sizzling hot bikini figure. She has been married to gorgeous Mihalis Hatzigiannis and the couple has been living together sharing the bittersweet moments of life. Zeta Makrypoulia has been part of various movies, shows and theatre works and her work has been appreciated by the critics and fans all over the globe. Zeta Makrypoulia is a rich woman with handsome amount of net worth but the exact amount hasn’t been assigned in the internet. There are various works of her which can be studied in detail in wiki along with details of her works. She too can be followed on various social networking sitesSome of her notable works are:

Television series:

·         1995 – 1996: Horimsenoi Me Paidia

·         2000 – 2001: To Berdema

·         2001 – 2002: Aerines Siopes

·         2002 – 2003: Miss Daizy

·         2004 – 2005: Solo career

·         2005 – 2006: Safe Sex TV Stories


·         2009 – 2010: Ena Paidi Metraei T’ Astra

·         2010 – 2011: Tiflosourtis

·         2012 – 2013: Ta Vaftisia

·         2013 – 2014: Sugar – Merikoi To Protimoun Kauto

·         2015: Irthes Kai Tha Meineis


·         2007: Meet the Robinsons

·         2008: Molis horisa

·         2009: S.E.X. – Soula Ela Xana

·         2010: Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos

·         2010: G-Force (film)