Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has been famous for his unstable love life as much as he’s popular for his singing career. His relationships with Karla Ramdhani and Bobbie Tolsma have received much attention from the public.

Karla Ramdhani stated Joe Elliott’s infidelity as the reason behind their divorce

Elliott got married to Karla in 1989. Five years after the wedding, the couple separated leading to their divorce in 1996.

Several years after the divorce, Karla opened up about her relationship with Elliott. She said that she “was madly in love with him” and that he “was the love of her life.” However, it wasn’t the same on Elliott’s side who had different preferences in life than Karla.

Joe Elliott is draping his arm around the shoulder of Karla Ramdhani, his former wife. Karla is half-embracing Elliott.

Although the couple thought that they would not want any kid, things started to change for Karla after they got married. However, Elliott was adamant on his part; he was pretty sure that he would not want ever want one in his life.

Karla said during the interview, “He wants to be young and the center of attention all the time. And if you have kids you can’t be like that. You have to be not selfish.” “It was interesting to see other band members having kids and we were still touring. Maybe it is a lead singer thing,” she added.”

She also revealed how heartbroken she was left when Elliott cheated on her with another woman, Bobbie Tolsma. That was when she finally decided to split from the singer and move on in her life.

Joe Elliott's former wife Karla Ramdhani is standing next to her daughter Emily-Jade.

Remarried in 2004, Joe Elliott is now living with his wife and son

Joe’s relationship with Bobbie Tolsma was short-lived, following which he began dating Kristine Wunschel in 2003. On September 1, 2004, the two shared the wedding vows.

Joe Elliott is draping his arm around the shoulder of his current wife Kristine.The blonde couple is smiling to the camera.

The couple did not have any children for the first five years of their marriage, but eventually, they welcomed one in December of 2009. Joe became a father to a son, Finlay, whose details have been kept a secret.

Unlike his first marriage, Elliott’s relationship with Kristine is going strong even after 13 years. Hopefully, the couple is far from split or divorce.