Sheltering some rare abilities and skills, Kris Williams is one of the most successful and promising filmmakers who has been currently serving the world of Hollywood. Kris Williams is an American filmmaker who also has starred in few movies. She is a fine actress with fine qualities but is a filmmaker first. Kris Williams was born on 11th November of the year 1980. Currently 34 years aged Kris was born in United States. Her sensational works full of her dedication and hard work is responsible to earn social and economic position she holds today.

Kris Williams is a sexy woman with hot and erotic body. Kris Williams has the height of 5’8” which perfectly suits her personality. Her long and sexy legs build up a sizzling hot bikini figure. She has a dark brown hair color. She was named Kristin Williams in her birth but is well known as Kris Williams all around the world. She has been married to Joe Swanberg since the year 2007 and they have been living together ever since. Her husband Joe Swanberg is a famous film director, screenwriter, actor and producer born in Detroit, Michigan. She is a woman who has made herself recognizable through her efforts and hard work of years and years. Carrying her work as a part of her life, Kris Williams has sketched herself with an inerasable ink in the pages of history of her profession. Some of the movies Kris Williams have been part of:

Happy Christmas of the year 2014, Alexander the Last of 2009, Art History of 2011, It Was Great But I Was Ready to Come Home, Empire Builder, Unexpected, Baby Mary and few more. The bio of Kris Williams is available in wiki along with details of her works. She too can be followed on various social networking sites which access the details of her personal and professional life to her fans.