Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchor is enjoying his happiest married life with his wife Lynn Greenfield. The couple who has been married blissfully for over four decades are still going strong. Wolf has had a very pleasant decade after marriage when the couple was blessed with a daughter.

Miraculous! 43 years of strong marital string attached, exist through a bond of admiration and understanding

In the year of 1973, Wolf Blitzer, the American journalist married to the love of his life, Lynn Greenfield. It is said to believe that the couple had a love affair for quite long before they tied a knot. After eight years of delighted marital paradise, Lynn Greenfield graced with a baby girl whose name is Ilana Blitzer.

Despite being the wife of renowned journalist of CNN, Lynn Greenfield is a simple woman who doesn’t prefer to come in highlights of the media. Lynn Greenfield is one of the most renowned florists in Northern America. And, most of the time, she loves to spend in gardening.

The couple is in so much love that there are no disputes between them till this date. The couple marriage has been for 43 years, even though, the couple staying together as a caring husband and a loving wife. Wolf Blitzer is very fortunate in this case.

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Donald Trump

A year before, there were rumors of the pair, Wolf and his wife Lynn, conjugal strings had become weak. Though, the couple confronts with it saying “We are old people, we don’t hit rough patches. That is for young not for us”.

Beside these rumors, the couple has a rock strong bond which cannot easily break by these media’s interferences.

Like father, like daughter, Wolf Blitzer’s daughter Ilana Blitzer made herself an emerging entrepreneur

Wolf’s daughter, Ilana Blitzer is a beauty director of Health magazine. She got married to Joseph Orrin Gendelman on November 2008. Later in the year of 2016, she gave a birth to a son named Rubin Daniel Snider.

Wolf Blitzer’s daughter, Ilana Blitzer Gendelman and son in law, Joseph Orrin Gendelman

Good morning, Bali… You were so worth the 15 hour flight, 5 hour flight, and 2 hour car ride #TheSnitzers

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In addition to Wolf Blitzer, he has been leading the broadcast journalism for over 50 years. Being the lead political anchor on CNN, he has been serving the journalism arena, giving his astounding credit to it.

The former CNN’s White House correspondent, Wolf at the age of 67, still he has that zeal and charm for commanding the political news as he was in his early 20’s.

24 hours in DC to be my dad's date to the White House Christmas party. The best night! #makingmemories

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Blessed with successful professional and family life, he has received a high degree of public fascination.

Till this date, the couple is enjoying their married life merrily. Wolf Blitzer is a lucky man to have a sweet daughter, Ilana Blitzer Gendelman, and the long-term company of his wife, Lynn Greenfield and, side by side, besides having a successful career.