Rest In Peace William “Willbilly” Hathaway!

William "Willibilly" Hathaway holding a tuna upright

A Wicked Tuna cast member, William “Willbilly” Hathaway, has passed away at 36. According to local outlets, Willbilly died Saturday evening, December 15, near Salisbury after he was involved in a fatal car accident. Maryland State Police received a call from a bypassing citizen, who drove past a Toyota truck located in a ditch on the side of the road. Local news outlet, WBOC reports that he actually called his wife to tell her he had driven off the road and into a ditch but was doing fine. However, by the time people arrived on the scene, he was found slumped over his seat and unconscious, while his vehicle was found with “minimal damage.

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While it is unclear on what had actually happened, police are investigating the incident. His friend has launched a fundraiser campaign on Facebook to help Willbilly’s family survive the tragedy. The campaign has since collected $66k of $250k in two days.

Willbilly with his family

Willbilly is survived by his wife, Mary Malone Hathaway (married since 2017) and daughter, Molly Jean Hathaway. Born in Kinston, Willibilly learned fishing from his father, Joey Hathaway, a barber. Joey was very proud that his son took the family passion to another level and even made it to television as a cast member of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. He joined the show’s in season 3 as a part of F/V Foolish Pleasures crew in 2016.

Rest in peace, Willbilly!

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