Why did Sophia Bush Left Chicago P.D.?

You will never be pleased to hear that one of your favorite shows has some nasty behind-the-scenes drama, which led to the exit of your favorite actor. Sophia Bush, who walked away from the NBC police procedural drama, Chicago P.D., last year, said that she wanted to take some time off. At the time, she said,

‘I woke up one day and realized I hadn’t had a day off in 15 years. And I went straight from my junior year of college onto One Tree Hill and suddenly you realize your life is going by and you are 100 hours a week and what does it all really mean you?…I was just done.”

Sophia Bush smiling. She is wearing a golden dress.

However, the case seems to be really different. The actress, who portrayed the role of Detective Erin Lindsay, has a whole different story to share this time. Recently, while appearing on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, she spoke up about the problematic situations she faced during her time on the show. She admitted, “I realized that as I was thinking I was being the tough guy, doing the thing, showing up to work, I programmed myself to tolerate the intolerable.” She cited the harsh weather conditions, which she along with other cast members endured during the long hours of filming in the winter.

“I’ve been so programmed to be a good girl and to be a workhorse and be a tugboat that I have always prioritized tugging the ship for the crew, for the show, for the group, ahead of my own health. The reality was that my body was, like, falling apart, because I was really, really unhappy.”

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Additionally, referencing the verbal abuse she faced on the set, she stated,

“You start to lose your way when someone assaults you in a room full of people and everyone literally looks away, looks at the floor, looks at the ceiling, and you’re the one woman in the room and every man who’s twice your size doesn’t do something.”

She had given “23 episodes of notice” to the producers saying that if the conditions didn’t change by the end of season 4, she would quit the show. However, her claims were initially dismissed as the producers seemed anxious that Bush was asking them to investigate negative conditions on set. Eventually, she was let go from her 7-season contract, though she threatened to sue the network and write an open editorial in The New York Times explaining her dissatisfaction.

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Bush also dished about her relationship with her One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray, whom she started dating in the early season and married in 2005 for 5 months. She said that One Tree Hill producers were “really, deeply inappropriate” when it comes to respecting privacies. She claimed that they “made a practice of taking advantages of people’s personal lives.” Bush is set to appear in a 2019 movie, Hard Luck Love Song, and upcoming TV shows EasyGlitch Techs and Surveillance.


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