Gold Rush: White Water Season 2

Dakota Fred pulls the stunt of sliding on a rope. His right is holing the harness while his body is leaned back. He is carrying a huge yellow bag on the side. He is wearing a camo cap, light brown jacket, jeans and a hiking boot.

The Dakota Boys are back! Gold Rush: White Water is returning for a second season with Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt’s death-defying hunt for gold in Southeast Alaska. Last season, the father and son duo’s dream was shattered after a flood destroyed their mine site just days after their biggest gold haul of the season. They are coming back with the much surprises to the fans! Along with a bigger crew, they also have a brand new powerful second dredge and are more determined than ever.

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This season, you will get to see the crew diving under freezing plunge pools using heated wetsuits to discover the gold in McKinley Creek. While battling the unpredictable weather, the father and son must fight falling boulders, flash floods and even the hungry bears in the Alaskan wilderness. Along with retired Marine Sergeant Carlos Minor, the Texan brothers Wes and Paul Richardson are also returning with their respective jobs as dredge diver and fabricator/gold cleaner. A greenhorn Rich Webster and an Arizona miner Casey Morgan have joined the crew with the hope to strike gold. Catch Gold Rush: White Water on Friday, January 4, 2019, at 10/9c, on Discovery Channel.

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