Tanner Foust, the famous stunt car driver, has an amazing collection of cars in his garage. His stunning collection of cars is likely to mesmerize anyone. A father to his beautiful daughter, Tanner Foust is living his life with heads held high.

Tanner Foust likes to give his garage a Hollywood like look with his fascinating cars collection!

The X Games gold medallist, Tanner Foust lives his life in speed and has accumulated a huge success from his racing career. Besides, he is also renowned for his stunning driving skills in movies like Fast & Furious and Iron Man 2. His driving skills and stunts in the movies are not the only things that make him famous.

Tanner Foust has a stunning car collection in his garage. The one-time presenter of TV series Top Gear has a 2013 Raptor, 1983 Jeep CJ7, 2003 BMW M3 and much more in his garage. He has decorated his garage in such a way that he could even see his favorite cars while in the bathroom.

The interior and the display of the cars in his garage are likely to take the breath of any car lover. Adding to his stunning collection he is hoping to add a Ford RS200 or a ’96 Ford GT in his collection very soon.

Tanner Foust’s personal life is filled with lots of rumours and lots of secrets

Tanner Foust has been dating Fox Sports reporter Katie Osborne for a long time. The gorgeous Katie Osborne is a well-known name in the TV presenting and hosting field who is witnessed several times interviewing Tanner.

Likewise, the couple is also seen together in public. The couple looks charming and adorable together. Their profession seems to have played a vital role in the making of their relationship.

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Some rumors state that the couple is in a live-in relationship, while others state that the couple is happily married. They may or may not be married at the time, but they shall have a romantic marital life ahead as evident from their present bondings.

Tanner Foust, now 43, is a father to his 10-year-old daughter, whose name has not been disclosed yet. The news of Tanner being a father to a daughter came as a surprise to all. Soon after the news, Tanner came into the limelight and questions regarding his marital status became the talk of the town.

Till today, neither the relationship status of Tanner has been disclosed nor any information about the mother of Tanner’s daughter has been disclosed. It seems like the Fast & Furious stunt car driver has mastered the arts of remaining silent about personal matters.

One of the cheered racing drivers in the world, Tanner has a stunning collection of cars. Currently, Tanner Foust seems to be enjoying his life with his daughter and his partner Katie Osborne.