Kelly  Tilghman, born on the 6th of August 1969, was the first female-led play-by-play golf announcer of a PGA Tour.

She was raised in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina by her parents.

On finishing her high school, she earned her way into Duke University with a Golf Scholarship.

She is still working as the announcer for the Golf Channel as a part of the 15 years deal she had signed in 2007.

Besides, her dynamic ability as a presenter she is also known for her good looks, great body and fabulous legs which definitely has a binding effect on viewers.

Kelly played golf during her college days and earned scholarships and awards.

This gave way to her love for golf. Her parents too had a lot to do with this as they owned and operated a golf course for 22 years.

She finished off her University with a degree of Arts in Political Science and History.She played golf professionally in Australia, Europe, and Asia.

She also worked as a teaching and touring pro for the new comers. She has worked as the game announcer of PGA before becoming the course reporter.

Her collaboration with the lead analyst Nick Faldo formed a team that broadcasted most of the PGA Tour’s telecast.

She is also a co-host and anchor of golf central shell and spring post-game respectively.

A lot of speculation has been made about her personal life, especially regarding her sexuality.

Kelly Tilghman has had a  few male partners, but she is not married till date and has no husband.

But, if rumors are to be believed she is gay.

It says, she performs the company of her girlfriends which are many as compared to her boyfriends were a few. 

Since she wasn’t ever married, she never had a divorce, but there had been some rumors that she was pregnant about which she has been tight-lipped.

She also has made no comments about dating the lead analyst  Nick Faldo. 

It seems she likes to keep her personal life private.

In 2008, following her infamous remarks about the famous golfer Tiger Woods the younger should lynch him in the back alley, she got suspended by PGA for two weeks.

Even, when she has apologized for the suspension was inevitable because the remarks were said to be an insult to all blacks making it quite racists.

This created quite a buzz in the media calling for the attention of the cable news channel and the civil right activist.

The controversial incident, on the other hand, has made her the announcer for Tiger Woods, PGA video games.

Kelly Tilghman biographies can be found all over the Internet, Wikipedia and the Golf Channel have heard detailed biographies.

There are many articles written about her personal as well as professional life.

Although, little about the former there are many pictures as well as her announcer and also as a celebrity some of which have been creating gossips for many magazines and websites.

As of 2014 her salary on the Golf Channel was estimated to be around three hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, the hot 45-year beauty hasn’t lost a bit of her charm and is an active user of her Twitter account.

She keeps her followers updated about the golf events and sometimes about herself too.