Jack McBrayer is an American actor, comedian and voice artist, best known for his work in ‘Wreck-it Ralph,’ ‘Wander Over Yonder’ and ‘Phineas and Ferb.’

With his outstanding performances, he has secured his position in the industry.

Along with his professional life, his dating life has been of great interest to many.

While many are curious to know whether he is still in dating zone or is already married, he is keeping his love life inside the closet.

The ‘30 Rock‘ actor has earned legions of fan who are eager to know about his partner.

But it seems, Jack McBrayer is still not ready to disclose it all.

However, his unrevealed private life has risen various speculations leaving people to wonder about his sexual orientation.

Is Jack McBrayer gay or straight?

So far, the fact about his sexuality is within himself.

Hopefully, the serenading actor will be comfortable enough to share details about his relationship.