Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, musician and filmmaker who is famous for producing, writing and directing the show ‘Survivorman.’

Before he was a survival expert, he worked at Toronto-based music video channel MuchMusic and as a songwriter for the band ‘New Regime.’

He changed his career path after his canoe trip to Temagami, Ontario, Canada; he also met his future wife Sue Jamison during this trip.

They started the outdoor instructional outfit Wilderness Voice and the media company, Wilderness Spirit Productions after they moved to Huntsville, Ontario.

He produced two special programs, ‘One week in the Wilderness’ and ‘Winter in the Wilderness’ for the Daily Planet in 2001.

The success of these specials led to the development of the television series ‘Survivorman,’ where Stroud is left in the wilderness on his own with minimal equipment.

In 2012, Les Stroud announced his collaboration with Swedish axe company to produce ‘Bushman Axe by Survivorman Les Stroud.’

His son Logan was diagnosed with Leukemia AML in June 2014, and after fighting off cancer, Les asked his son to join him in the series ‘Survivorman & Son.’

He has also produced and appeared in various Discovery specials, which include ‘Surviving Alaska,’ ‘Deadliest Waters’ and ‘Expedition Everest.’

He has written numerous books such as Survive, Beyond Survivorman and Will to Live, where he goes into details about his survival kits, gears and knives.

He is due to appear in the latest survival series ‘Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet’ which will be aired on Nat Geo Wild and produced by Ping Pong Productions.

The Survivorman hasn’t left his passion behind as he is still pursuing his musical career and will sing at the 2018 Summer Solstice Celebration with SURVIVORMAN.

The concert will be held on June 16 & 17 in Gaming Nature Centre, Pigeon Lake Road, Lindsay, Ontario.