Edd China, a British motor specialist, is best recognized for his appearance in the show, Wheeler Dealers. Edd was one of the most admired characters in the show. Unfortunately, after 13 successful years in the show, he left Wheeler Dealers in 2017 which left many of his fans downhearted. Let’s find out why Edd China left the Wheeler Dealers and where he is now?

Why did Edd China Leave Wheeler Dealers?

Edd China was a car fanatic since his early days. His career in television started as a special effects technician on Father Ted. Later, he was also seen on Top Gear, where he showed his car-related inventions.

Edd China is wearing blue and grey t-shirt and has a  little smile on his face. He is posing with his hands fold and has a car in the background

Edd started co-presenting Wheeler Dealers in 2003 along with Mike Brewer. The show was universally acclaimed among the viewers. As widely capable, calm and good-natured person, Edd had set the benchmark of a top notch guy. Unfortunately, Edd decided to leave the show after having contradiction on the strategy of new producers.

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After Velocity took over the production of the Wheeler Dealers, the executives decided to reduce the role and substance of Edd’s workshop section because they thought that section was too difficult to produce. Edd disagreed to compromise the special section of the show and his rectitude. Hence, Edd stepped out of the show in 2017.

Edd and Mike posing for a camera with a smile. Edd and MIke are doing thumbs up for the photo

Drama followed soon as Edd parted ways with Mike Brewer in Wheeler Dealers. Mike accused Edd for abandoning the show on Twitter. Later, Edd spoke out on YouTube to let his fans know the reason why he decided to leave the show. Following Edd’s departure, he was replaced by Ant Anstead in Wheeler Dealers, who is known for hosting For the Love of Cars.

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What is Edd doing after leaving Wheeler Dealers?

Since leaving the show, Edd China has been quite active on social media. He has been posting informational videos and answering questions of his fans on YouTube. He has been posting pictures of amazing rides and his creations on Instagram.

Edd China is having a snap with his beautiful wife Imogen China. They look perfect together. Both the pair are wearing shades. Edd is looking dashing in his light brown suit.

Now, he is actively involved in Grease Junkie where Pure Agency has been appointed to manage his brands. He believes Pure Agency has great contacts with automotive industry. He is satisfied working with them as he says it’s very important for him to have a good and supporting agency to capture the essence of his brand.

Edd China is taking a video of answering his fan's questions. He is facing the camera and trying to speak. He is in the driver's seat of his car.

He is also the owner of the Cummfy Banana Ltd, which creates and constructs unique products for promoting businesses or special events. As a widely successful television personality and master mechanic, Edd China has banked a staggering net worth of $1.5 million dollar throughout his career.

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Edd China is a British engineer and motor specialist who became famous for appearing in the show, Wheeler Dealers.

Before he left the show in 2017, he was a fan favorite and the show was considered among the best reality series.

He left the show after he disagreed with the strategy of new producers.

Velocity, which took over the production of the show, found Edd’s workshop sequences, “too difficult to make.”

Edd announced his departure from the show in a YouTube video where he explained why he took the decision.

He was replaced by former ‘For the Love of Cars’ host, Ant Anstead, for its fourteenth season.

He had a falling out with his former co-star of Wheeler Dealers, Mike Brewer after he left the show.

Mike accused Edd of trashing the show after 13 years on Twitter while Edd threw some shade at Mike in his YouTube video.

After leaving the show, Edd has been active on YouTube where he posts informational videos and answers fan’s queries.

Edd is also fairly regular on Instagram, where he posts pictures of amazing rides and his creations.

He is actively involved in his companies, Grease Junkie and Cummfy Banana Limited.