Sade Baderinwa has finally opened up about her absence from television after a month of fans wondering what happened to her. Apparently, Baderinwa has been recovering after a serious accident.

What happened to Sade Baderinwa?

Baderinwa took to Facebook to share the news of her recovery. She wrote that she got rear-ended at Columbus Circle.

A few days after the accident, she began having migraines and couldn’t get out of bed from “unrelenting” pain. It eventually got worse.  

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Sade Baderinwa getting coffee

Baderinwa wrote, “I was in a haze. I had double vision. I was nauseous, dizzy. I couldn’t remember things. Something was terribly wrong – and honestly – I was afraid. Soon, the many symptoms with my injury came to light. I was diagnosed with a significant concussion.”

Two weeks later, just when she thought she’d be able to return to work, she began feeling symptoms of photophobia and hyperacusis, which further extended her recovery period.

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When will Sade Baderinwa be back?

Thankfully, the anchor has been recovering successfully and is back on her feet. You can expect to see your favorite anchor back in action this week.

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