If you guys follow the TV series General Hospital, then you must be surprised to see a different Monica Quartermaine in the show. As the Chief of Staff has not made an appearance for a while, fans were quite concerned about her.

However, when Monica made a comeback, she was entirely different from the one we used to see on the show.

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So, What happened to Monica Quartermaine on General Hospital?

General Hospital is an American daytime television medical drama, which is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running American soap opera in production. It is also the second longest-running television drama in American history. Monica Quartermaine is an integral member of the daytime soap opera.

Leslie Charleson is smiling

Fans were anxious when her visible absence was not being addressed. But they were more reluctant when she made her return to the show, but with a different face.

Leslie Charleson has been playing the role of Monica Quartermaine since she filled in for Patsy Rahn in 1977. Since then, Monica has been through a lot of dramatic events but has been able to become an irreplaceable persona in the series. So, Leslie’s absence couldn’t be just overlooked.

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But do not worry Leslie fans! Because she is not leaving the show, instead she is just taking a break due to the sudden injury.

Why was Leslie Charleson recast?

Leslie Charleson had an unexpected injury. The 73-year-old tripped over her dog, Riley Rose when they were preparing for a morning walk. In the accident, she injured her leg and will be unable to film until she is recovered.

Leslie Charleson with his dog, Riley Rose

As the scripts for future episodes were already written which prominently featured Monica, there wasn’t any other choice but to temporarily recast the role of Monica Quartermaine. So, for the short-period when Leslie was not featured as Monica, Patty McCormack was cast to portray her role. But, fans gave a mixed reaction seeing Patty as Monica.

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Nevertheless, everything will be back to place when Leslie returns after recovering from the injury. So fans you have to wait for sometime, for seeing your favorite Monica Quartermaine.

Get well soon Leslie!


Fans were more than shocked to see a different Monica Quartermaine on ‘General Hospital.’

The character which has been portrayed by Leslie Charleson saw an unexpected cast change

Currently, the actress, Patty McCormack, is portraying Monica temporarily and will do so until Leslie makes a return.

So, what happened to Leslie Charleson?

Apparently, Leslie tripped over her own dog while they were preparing for a walk. 

In the process, she injured her leg and will be unable to return to the set until she is recovered.

The scripts of future episodes were already written which prominently featured Monica so, there was no other choices.

Fans gave a mixed reaction after seeing Patty in the place of their favorite actress.

But, everything will fall back to their place as soon as Leslie recovers from her injury.

Get Well Soon, Leslie.