Frail-looking pictures of Johnny Depp with fans have made quite a buzz on the internet and raised concerns among his fans regarding his health status. So, what really happened to Johnny? Is he doing fine?

What happened to Johnny Depp?

The multi-talented persona, Johnny Depp is currently on a Mammoth world tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires. He formed the group in 2015, along with Joe Perry and Alice Cooper and has been the active member ever since.

Johnny Depp with his fan at the Four Seasons hotel in St

No doubt that, Johnny’s fans are all over the world. And who doesn’t want to take pictures with him? It’s the Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean after all. His massive fans were waiting to take a picture with him, and he didn’t disappoint his fans. 

After fans took their snap with Johnny to social media, his followers started going crazy looking his pale face. The pictures were taken at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg. Since then, his devoted fans started showing their concern wanting to know whether or not the Oscar-nominated actor is okay. 

Johnny Depp and his Pirates of Caribbean’s stunt double

Following that, his every new picture on the internet is making his fans more anxious.  After Russia, he was seen in Berlin, Germany to continue the tour. There, he did a meet and greet, where he signed autographs with inviting smile to the fans who were waiting outside the hotel.

Johnny Depp with his fan

His Hollywood heart-throb personality was nowhere to be seen in the recent thin and gaunt looking pictures, and one of his fans even had a hard time recognizing him and commented, ” F*** me is that Johnny Depp” on Twitter.

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Is he fine?

His seductive look turning out off-color is something that fans could not bear. They kept hitting the media with concerned comments now and then.

Johnny Depp has a guitar in his hand

Take a sigh of relief fans; he is doing perfectly fine. A source told E! news that Johnny is “healthy” and “there is no reason to be concerned.” Okay, fans Y’all can have a good sleep now. 

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Fans fear for the well being of Johnny Depp as frail pictures of him have been surfacing on the internet.

He is currently on tour with his band in Europe and has been giving the fans a chance to take pictures with him.

Two fans have uploaded pictures with him in Russia where he performed on Wednesday night. 

The photos which raised concerns were taken at Four Seasons Hotel, St. Petersburg. 

Some fans had hard time even recognizing the actor. “F*** me is that Johnny Depp,” said one fan on Twitter.

Same was the case with another picture taken on Moscow a few days earlier. 

Fans all over the world have been expressing concerns for the three times Oscar-nominated actor.

Currently, he is in a legal dispute with his former management company and is also being sued by his former bodyguards.

His divorce with the actress, Amber Heard, was finalized in January last year. 

He has been active with the band, Hollywood Vampires. He formed the band in 2015 with Joe Perry and Alice Cooper.


What happened to Johnny Depp?

Is Johnny Depp fine?

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