Elle Mills, a YouTube vlogger, has quite a dedicated fan following. That is why her fans were thrilled when Mills announced her tour. However, Mills has canceled her tour this weekend on May 5th and 6th.

Elle Mills was born on July 17, 1998, in her mother’s hometown, Manila, Philippines, but was raised in father’s hometown, Ontario, Canada. She has a brother Jay, and two half-sisters, Melissa and Melinna. 

Canceled her tour?

Mills is famous for her YouTube channel “ElleOfTheMills.” She started it in March 2012 and has been able to acquire more than 1.2 million subscribers. She has a fan following of 498k followers on Instagram and around 390k on Twitter.

Elle Mills (middle) sitting on the couch with her mother Janette Prejola (left) and Jay Mills (right)

Her video COMING OUT (ELLE MILLS STYLE),’ where she came out as bisexual, has garnered over 2.9 million views. Her YouTube channel has a total of 94 million views.

Mills’ popular uploads include BEING MY MOM FOR A DAY, SLUMBER PARTY WITH MY BROTHER AND ALL HIS EXES, My First Kiss and more.

Mills’ tour kicked off on April 21 in Vancouver. She couldn’t have been more excited about seeing her fans and said, “My hope is that I’ve inspired them with what I do and that this tour is a reminder of the love and community they’ve shown me”. 

Elle Mills pushing Christmas tree with her left hand

On May 5th and 6th, Mills was supposed to perform in Calgary and Winnipeg. But, it looks like she won’t be showing up at the events this weekend.

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What happened to her?

Mills’ management team announced on her Twitter that the Fullscreen team has met with Elle and her family and they feel that it’s in her best interest to “take a break.” The tweet read that the upcoming shows on May 5 and 6 are canceled.

Elle Mill's management tweeted to inform about the cancellation of the tour on May 3, 2018

In the following tweet, it was mentioned that the tickets would be refunded and the rest of the tour will advance as planned. Her fans are very important to her, and she hopes to be back soon.

Mills seemed to have been under a lot of stress and had a breakdown. She uploaded a video on YouTube where she constantly used the F-word, which was very unlike her.

In the now-deleted video, Mills said that her dream was to be famous, but can’t understand why she is so unhappy. She said she doesn’t know when her next video will come out and doesn’t even care anymore. She was visibly frustrated because many followers kept asking her about her next videos and her personal life. In the video, she was in tears. That defines the tension which made her cancel her tours.

Elle Mills is holding a take away drink on her hand with a wide smile on her face

Mills fans were actually very supportive of her as they are flooding her with supportive messages. She also further suggested that the video of her meltdown be taken down.

Mills’ fans said that her health is more important and did not seem to mind that she would be taking a break. Mills, at just the age of 19, has had to deal with all the pressure and stress of becoming a YouTube star.

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