Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is a self-proclaimed “King of Extreme,” but even he can’t always get away from the crazy stunts without getting hurt. Recently, the daredevil Bear Brown wound up in hospital after a tree accident.

What happened to Bear Brown?

Bear brown recently landed himself in the hospital with his latest stunt. The reality star shared a picture of his wrist with a hospital band on from his hospital bed. He took to Instagram to share the news on Tuesday.

Bear Brown shared a picture of his hand with hospital band on

It turns out the daredevil had a terrible run-in with a tree. An inside source close to the Brown family told Radar that he “sustained a minor eye injury” and was taken for treatment to a hospital in Spokane, Washington.

Bear was released on Monday and given an eye patch. He will be just fine, according to the source.

While his health status was already on the verge of “loss of vision,” he didn’t put his injury ahead of his mother’s health. As per sources, he also accompanied his mother to LA, California, to undergo tests for cancer last week.

Solomon Freedom Brown aka Bear Brown is wearing a red sleeveless hoodie


Cheer up people, our very own “fearless and full of confidence,” Bear is alright. As per his Instagram upload on June 11, he turned 31 and got possibly the best gift too. As per sources, Bear, who nearly “lost his vision” is almost “fully recovered.” That’s some good news, right?

Bear Brown shares a snap on his 31st birthday

As we know, Bear isn’t the only Brown family member to wind up in the hospital recently. Last month, Noah Brown was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder.

Momma Brown has also been visiting the hospital a lot over the last year since she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Ami remained optimistic even though she was told that she had only three percent chance of survival. However, she is said to be in remission now.

Ami Brown lying in the hospital bed

The Brown family are currently shooting for the eighth season of Alaskan Bush People. The Browns now live in Washington after leaving Los Angeles last year.

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