When Calls the Heart fans are lately having a troublesome time watching their favorite drama. Recently, the Hearties had to witness the death of their dearest character Jack Thornton, as portrayed by Daniel Lissing, in the series.

Is he dead?

Earlier in the season, the Hearties witnessed one of the most awaited episodes of the season when it comes to Jack and Elizabeth. The couple got married on the fifth episode of the season. Soon after the marriage, Jack was seen leaving for the Northern territories. However, the story took a sharp twist as the fans favorite character has been killed off from the show in the most recent episode.

Jack and Elizabeth taking a glace at the bank of the river.

The tenth episode, In My Dreams, began with good news for the pair, as Elizabeth was seen talking to Lori about the letter she received from Jack. The letter explained that Jack would be running a training program for other Mounties.

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While Elizabeth and Lori seemed to be happy about the opportunity Jack was getting, the Hearties were counting on that. However, their hope was soon torn apart at the end of the episode when a Mountie came riding in the town looking for Elizabeth. The Mountie slowly lowered his hat after he found Elizabeth. The episode came to an end after she asked the Mountie if the Jack was alright. The Mountie remained silent while Elizabeth fell on the ground and broke down in tears.

Jack Thornton riding a horse in the Mountie uniform.

The scene left the heart of all the Hearties pounding as they wait for the season finale next week. The fans have been flooding the social media with disappointment. However, some fans have also initiated some fascinating theories before the final episode of the season.

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As for the main man, Daniel Lissing took on twitter to write what appeared like a goodbye tweet, saying, “I love you #hearties.. Now and throughout my entire career.” 


The handsome constable, Jack Thornton, has been killed off from the series, When Calls the Heart

In the tenth episode of the fifth season, a messenger delivers the news to his newly married wife, Elizabeth Thornton née Thatcher.

The two got married in the fifth episode of this season. The episode became the fan-favorite after they got to see the pair’s love life blossom.

What made the episode even special is that the actors, Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow, wrote the vows themselves for their character. 

To add to this, Lori Loughlin, who plays Abigail Stanton, also wrote the toast herself. 

So, the heartbreak has come as a shocker to all the fans who got their wish fulfilled after waiting for five seasons.

Fans have been expressing their sorrow on social media and are hoping the character comes back to life.

Daniel Lissing even posted a special message to the “hearties” on his Instagram account.