Warren William Zevon, popular by his stage name Warren Zevon, was an American musician, rock singer, and songwriter. He was one of the most talented and influential figures to ever grace the music world. An astonishing figure, Warren is a true definition of legend that left so much to be remembered even his physical appearance no longer exists.

Warren Zevon’s ill fated childhood built the platform for his musical career

In his childhood, the legendary singer faced numerous ups and down. From working as a bookie for a gangster to seeing his parents separate, he faced it all. And all that disappointments and heartbreak that he endured in his childhood built a platform for him to go on and become one of the best in the music industry.

While in LA, Warren along with his pal Robert Craft briefly studied modern classical music, and that was when he made sure that music was the preferred career choice for him.

New York City was his destination in order to establish himself as a musician. Aged 16, the singer moved to NY leaving his studies behind in LA.

His musical journey began early. His first notable involvement in music came when he produced several songs for his musical group Lyme & Cybelle. In those early days, he wrote several songs that would go on to become successful.

One of such songs were She Quit Me, which was later, included in 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy. And by the end of 1969, Warren delivered his first solo album Wanted Dead or Alive. The album consists of songs like Tule’s Blues and A Bullet for Ramona which carried the flashes of his troubled childhood and the heartbreak he suffered.

1975 marked Warrens homecoming and his comeback from a dark spell in his career

By 1975, Warren had successfully built a reputation for himself. September 1975 marked his return to his homeland LA. His return to his homeland marked further success for his.

It was after he returned to his homeland that he traveled his first musical tour. His musical career was flying before alcoholism brought it down to earth.

His songs were few between 1978 and 1980. Many predicted the end of a great musician. But he came back strong in 1980 when he delivered yet another masterpiece with Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School and Stand in the Fire.

The second phase of his career was equally fruitful as his first. In the second half of his career, he delivered hits like The Envoy (1982), Sentiment Hygiene (1987) and Life’ll kill Ya (2000). Besides these songs, the musician has also given his voice for various TV series theme songs which includes The Drug Wars (1990), Tales from the Crypt (1992) and Route (1993).


Personal life: The only disappointment in the successful career of the music icon’s life

The charismatic and influential musical figure, Warren, was born on 24th January of the year 1947. His father, William Zevon was a Russian Jewish immigrant, who operated as a gangster and his mother, Beverly Cope Simons was a native of Mormon Midwest who had English decent. No further details have been published about the musician’s childhood.

Talking about his love life, the legendary musician was married to a beautiful woman named Crystal Zevon on 1974. The couple was married for 7 years before they separated in 1981. Together the couple is parents to their two children, daughter Ariel Zevon and son Jordan Zevon.

Cancer brought an end to one of the music’s role models. The legendary musician’s death came on 7th September 2003 at the age of 56. After the demise of the musician, Crystal narrated a documentary about her ex-husband and the life he lived. The documentary was published by Ecco books.

Warren’s glittering carer landed him with admiration and financial satisfaction

Warren Zevon was a great figure who gave a lot to the world of music. Carrying his work as an irreplaceable part of his life, he climbed to a great height of success and prosperity through constant effort and dedication.

In return, music served him with popularity and admiration. Not only that, music has also helped him live a lavishing life by helping him accumulate a net worth of around 20 million dollars.