Elvana Gjata is an Albanian singer, dancer, and songwriter. She is a woman with vision, determination, and courage to make ‘impossible’ unreal. She is one of the most successful businesswomen in America.

A dedicated singer from early years, Elvana has kissed the horizon of success through her willpower. Her sensational work has earned her an impressive social and economic status. She is a perfect epitome of excellence.

Elvana Gjata’s childhood interest gave her a lasting singing career

Elvana was born on 3 February 1987 in Tirana, Albania. She started singing while still a teenager. She participated in numerous children’s events, most of the times earning titles for her performances.

In 2001, she finished at third place at the Festival of Young Voices with her song “Le te Kendojme se bashku”, Albanian for “let’s sing together”. She started singing as professional at “Ethet”, one of the popular Albanian singing shows.

After the talent show, Elvana released her own pop and dance songs. She debuted her first single called “te kam xhan”, which means I Love you in Kenga Magjike. At 28, the young singer is still to show wonders of her abilities to the world. She is found challenging her own abilities and giving cent percent in mastering her skills.

Elvana Gjata’s fifteen years in entertainment has won her a significant fame

Elvana entered the world of entertainment as an Albanian singer in 2001. She is currently one of the most popular singers in the Albanian-speaking territories. Her side occupation as a songwriter and a performer has earned her wider popularity.

However, Elvana got recognition for her music only in late 2005. She became hugely popular throughout Albania in 2006. She won her first video fest award in 2007. She won Best RnB video with “Mames” in 2007. In 2012, Elvana’s song “Afer dhe Large” won the Best Albanian Song and Best Music video of the year at Balkan Music Awards.

Elvana Gjata is passionate about dancing and song-writing as well

In addition to being a phenomenal Albanian singer, she is a terrific dancer. In her interview, she has declared that dancing has always been her second passion. She even appeared in the third season of Dancing with the Stars. With partner Gredi, she was titled the winner of the season.

In early 2013, she recorded five acoustic live sessions and released four new singles. Early 2014, Elvana released her single “Disco Disco” which reached number one on MyMusic TV’s charts and was one of the most successful Albanian songs of 2014. Later, it was nominated for two awards at video fest.

Elvana Gjata is now a gorgeous role model to many Albanians

Elvana has been announced the face of Albtelecome. She did a cover photo-shoot for the Velvet Magazine. After all, what would prevent her from flaunting her gorgeous looks?

Elvana’s light brown hair color complements almost perfectly with her light brown eyes. Her body build is slim. She stands five feet and three inches.

Elvana is popular in social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. She can be followed at @elvanagjataaaa.