Warren Lieberstein is an American actor and producer. But, he is well known for being related to actor Paul Lieberstein. Warren is not as famous as his brother.

However, Lieberstein made a name for himself as a writer and producer. The Office is his most famous work. In addition, Warren has also written several other TV series.

How old is Warren Lieberstein?

Warren Lieberstein is 53 years old. He was born on September 20, 1968, in  Westport, Connecticut. Furthermore, Lieberstein will turn 54 in September 2022.

Warren in The Office
Warren in The Office
Source: Reddit

Warren was born to  Stanley Lieberstein (father) and Judith Lieberstein (mother). Although the world knows the name Lieberstein today, in the past, Warren and his siblings lead a life away from the spotlight. As such, much about their parents remain unknown to the world.

Warren’s older brother Paul Lieberstein became way more popular than him. In addition, he has a sister named Susanne Lieberstein Daniels. Sussanne also gained massive success in the entertainment field herself.

Very little information is available on Warren’s early life. However, he and his brother were close growing up. Lieberstein followed his brother’s footsteps and debuted in the critically acclaimed drama Sleepover.

Is Warren Lieberstein married?

As of April 2022, Warren Lieberstein is single. However, the producer was once married to actress Angela Kinsey. Kinsey and Warren exchanged their sacred vows away from the public.

A picture of Warren's and Angela's wedding
A picture of Warren’s and Angela’s wedding
Source: US Weekly

Lieberstein and his first wife led a magical married life for a decade. Moreover, Warren and his ex-wife, Angela, met in college and married in June 2000.

The couple welcomed a daughter on May 3, 2008. Besides, they named their daughter Isabel Ruby Lieberstein. Moreover, after ten years of marriage, the couple divorced in June 2010. Furthermore, the details about their separations remain a well-kept secret from the public.

Is Kyle Chrisley married?

Warren later married TV director Audrey Wauchope. The couple tied the knot on July 03, 2016. Furthermore, Lieberstein and Wauchope exchanged their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony with their loved ones.

Moreover, Warren and his second wife have two daughters. However, they keep their children away from the eyes of the media. Likewise, Lieberstein and his family lead a life away from the spotlight.

Is Angela Kinsey Still Single?

No, the talented Angela Kinsey is no longer single. Furthermore, Kinsey married her long-time boyfriend, Joshua Snyder. Moreover, Angela and her husband dated for many years before they finally took their relationship to the next level.

Kinsey and Snyder tied the knot away from public view. Angela and Joshua married on November 13, 2016. But, The Office actress and her husband announced their engagement on August 4th, 2016.

Although Kinsey and Snyder don’t have a child together, they run a YouTube channel called Baking with Josh and Ange. What’s more, Joshua is a professional baker and actor.

What is Warren Lieberstein’s net worth?

As of 2022, Warren Lieberstein is estimated to be $1.9 million. He makes his primary income as a producer. In addition, Warren also worked as an actor.

A picture of Warren with his daughter
A picture of Warren with his daughter
Source: Instagram

However, Lieberstein was more successful with his writing and production than his acting. He has written shows like Carpoolers and Modern Men.  In addition, he worked on the short-lived sketch comedy series Hype in 2000.

Warren has played an essential role in bringing stories to life. Lieberstein was nominated for a Writers Guild of America award for writing on The Office. Besides, Liberstein is probably working on more projects.

Lieberstein worked in many TV shows over the years. Likewise, Warren worked in front of the cameras and behind the lens. In 2019, Warren worked as a consulting producer for the TV show Hit the Road. Similarly, Lieberstein worked as a co-executive producer on the Back in the Game series before Hit the Road.

Warren’s ex-wife Angela Kinsey holds an estimated net worth of $12 million. And similarly, Lieberstein’s current wife, Audrey Wauchope, owns approximately $500k as her net worth.

Social Presence

Warren Lieberstein is not active on any social media. The producer prefers to work behind the camera. In addition, the producer is very private about his life.

Warren with his wife Audrey
Warren with his wife, Audrey
Source: Instagram

Lieberstein’s family is constantly in the spotlight. Hence, fans of Warren get updates about him through the news about his family. In addition, Warren stays away from the paparazzi and the eyes of the media.

However, fans are curious about the actor’s life. But they only get limited information. Furthermore, it is unclear if Warren will join social media.

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