Janine Poreba is an American actress and a language instructor. She is well known for her role in The Office. In addition, Poreba appeared in several other movies. However, Poreba left the entertainment industry.

Although she has a stable acting career, Janine switched to a less glamorous job. She is an instructor in the English as a second language department at Santa Monica College. It is unclear if Poreba will return to the entertainment industry.

How old is Janine Poreba?

As of 2022, Janine Poreba turned 49 years old. The ex-actress was born in 1973. However, Janine keeps her exact date of birth away from the public. Likewise, Poreba kept her family mostly away from the spotlight. But please continue to learn the names of Janine’s parents.

Janine Poreba in The Office TV series.
Janine Poreba in The Office TV series.
Source: The Office

Poreba’s birth name is Janine Serafin Poreba. She was born to Elizabeth Poreba (mother) and John Poreba (father). In addition, both her parents are from New York. And besides their names, John and Elizabeth kept most of their lives away from the world.

Warren Lieberstein and his married life!

Aside from her mysterious parents, Janine likes her life out of the limelight. Moreover, most of Poreba’s early days remain out of public view. And so, it remains unclear whether the former actress has siblings. But from her wedlock, Janine gained siblings in the form of in-laws.

Speaking of early life, Janine holds a master’s degree. But, it is unclear when Janine graduated high school. Moreover, she has a Master’s degree in teaching. Furthermore, Poreba graduated Magna cum laude from Harvard.

Does Janine Poreba have a husband?

Janine Poreba is married to an American actor, Paul Lieberstein. The couple was co-stars in the series, The Office. After dating for some years, the couple decided to tie the knot.

Janine and her husband posing for a picture
Janine and her husband posing for a picture
Source: Pinterest

Janine and Paul exchanged vows on July 19, 2008. Furthermore, Paul and his wife held a wedding in a private setting. Their loved ones surrounded the couple on their big day.

The couple is very private about their relationship. Hence, many details are unavailable to fans. However, the couple has a child together, as Paul and Janine announced in 2014 that Janine was pregnant. Moreover, even today, Janine and her husband keep the details about their child away from the spotlight.

Although Janine gained the world’s attention after her marriage, Poreba stayed away from the messy limelight. Moreover, the celebrity wife also keeps her past relationships away from view. And so, Janine holds names connected to her romantically hidden from the world.

Paul Lieberstein married once before

According to many online sources, The Office star Paul Lieberstein married twice in his life. However, the details regarding Lieberstein’s first marriage are very hidden. Even the name of Paul’s first wife stays out of the media’s view.

A bit about Paul Lieberstein

Paul Lieberstein was born on February 22, 1967. Likewise, as of 2022, Lieberstein hit his mid-fifties. Moreover, his parents welcomed the talented actor/producer in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Judith Lieberstein and Stanley Lieberstein named their kid Paul Bevan Lieberstein. Furthermore, Lieberstein grew up with two siblings in the house. Paul had a brother named Warren Lieberstein and a sister called Susanne Lieberstein Daniels.

Paul’s childhood went on without any significant incidents. Likewise, Lieberstein would later graduate from Conrad High School, located in his hometown. And after high school, Paul moved to New York and joined Hamilton College, earning his degree as an Economic major.

Janine Poreba’s net worth

As of 2022, Janine Poreba’s networth is approximately $500,000 to $1 million. Poreba made her income as an actress. However, she currently works as a language instructor.

Janine with her Song of Back and Neck co-stars
Janine, with her Song of Back and Neck co-stars
Source: Getty Images

Janine has appeared in a few series and a handful of movies. She has appeared in Law and Order. In addition, Poreba was also in Song of Back and Neck. However, Poreba slowly faded from the entertainment industry.

There is no information on properties owned by Poreba. Hence, Janine’s assets’ value is hard to calculate. However, the actress lives comfortably with her husband and child. Furthermore, Poreba and her family live in the neighborhood of Brentwood in LA, California.

Janine’s husband, Lieberstein, holds approximately $14 million as his net worth. Likewise, Paul appeared in many new shows as an actor. But, his fans love Lieberstein’s work behind the camera. Furthermore, Paul’s most recent work was in the comedy series Space Force in 2020.

Social Presence

Janine Poreba is not active on social media. The ex-actress likes to maintain her privacy. In addition, Poreba stays away from the eyes of the paparazzi.

Janine's husband Paul in The Office
Janine’s husband Paul in The Office
Source: Pinterest

In addition, very few pictures of Janine are available on the internet. Her husband, Paul, is available on Instagram. However, he does not post much, either.

The pair enjoy living an everyday life away from the media. However, their fans hope to see a glimpse of their private life. In addition, many remain hopeful about seeing the couple in the news.

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