It’s pretty unimaginable that somebody in their 60’s looks amazing, maintaining enviable body measurements. Vanna White‘s youthful face has a hint of plastic surgery on it. She always looks gorgeous in the impeccable dresses, she wears while appearing on the show, Wheel of Fortune.

Plastic surgery may be behind Vanna White’s agelessness

Vanna White has already hit 60 and it seems like age is just a number for this gorgeous mother of two. She has a well-toned body with measurements approx.  35-24-35 inches. The curvaceous body is complemented by the tall height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Maintaining such a flawless looks regardless of the age is said to be all natural for this gorgeous television personality. However, she has been claimed to have visited a plastic surgeon’s clinic to rejuvenate her face. Changes can be evidenced from her before and after pictures, as currently, a 60-years-old has no visible wrinkles on her face.

Pictures of Vanna White then and now. Vanna White reportedly had a plastic surgery to look young.

Based on the closer analysis of her past and present pictures, anti-ageing treatments like Botox, face lifts or face fillers has been guessed. However, she has still not commented on any rumors of her plastic surgery. Compare her 2007 photo with the present one, you will notice massive changes on her face. Wrinkles from her forehead have been wiped out. 

No matter, either it’s by cosmetic surgery happened naturally as the result of good genes, she has become one of the very few women to acquire such perfection even after living six decades of life. Moreover, her beauty is also accentuated by the designer dresses she wears on the show. She has never worn the same dress twice in the entire 35 years of her career as co-host of Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White has revealed her secrets to hot measurements

Vanna White is known to flaunt off her stunning curvaceous figure in impeccable dresses along with a short blonde hair throughout the years. She credits her balanced diet and scheduled exercises for her impressive bikini body.

Before gaining a job of letter-turner in the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, she was starving for a role in the showbiz industry. Obliged to do odd jobs to earn living, she went through depression and also gained 25 pounds overweight with a compulsive eating habit for about two years. 

'Wheel of Fortune' co-host, Vanna White walking runway at American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection 2016 in New York City in 2016

She has shared her experience back then, “When I first moved to Los Angeles, with the change of environment, food and everything, I got extremely depressed and became 25 pounds overweight. Changes were going on in my life and I found it very hard. I just got sick of myself. My clothes didn’t fit anymore and I felt tired and awful. I just didn’t want to do anything.”

It took about two years for her to overcome the depression and be self-determined to change the complete way of her living, her diets and performing exercises. She just started eating healthy food instead of turning to crash diets. Now, she says, “I’ll eat only when I am hungry.” 

She says, whenever she craves for something, she eats small amounts but doesn’t deprive herself. Incorporating vegetables before lunch and dinner and also drinking more water has helped her stay in shape. 

Same like her diet routine, she has a strict schedule for her workout too. Running a mile at least two times a week, 15-minutes workout on mini-trampoline three times a week, 100 pushups & situps in a daily basis and other light exercises combined with body stretching has helped her to maintain a balanced figure.

As she possesses same charm while appearing on the game show as she had 35 years ago, she has continued to amaze people.