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The Untold Truth of Mountain Men

The famous History channel reality show, Mountain Men, has always gripped the attention of the audience through their wild approach of taking lives away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and even going so far as to remove any 21st-century technologies and conveniences. 

The cast of Mountain Men, consisting of Tom Oar, Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Charlie Tucker, the late Preston Roberts and others, have solemnly given themselves to the wildlife where hunting and trapping are daily casual activities. 

This team has claimed to rely on nature for their survival, but that always doesn’t seem the case. Here, we enlist some of the facts about these tough men that you may not know.

#5. Not as “off the grid”

Tom Oar wearing a white hat

Mountain Men have always claimed that they have nothing to do with 21st-century technology. However, Tom Oar has admitted about watching TV shows every week, which does mean that they have paid cable or some streaming service subscription. Isn’t it a few steps deep into the technological luxury that can shake the ground of the “off the grid” title?

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#4. Fairly paid to get a living out of it

Tom, Howard, Kelly standing together

Some aspects that interest the Mountain Men audience is about how these guys scrape for a penny for survival in those mountain regions with extremely limited resources. Apart from the wilderness and the dangers, surviving a life where you are always on the verge of financial ruin is something that has made the show all the more thrilling. But, in reality, the situation is different. Though the Mountain men do not command high salaries, they get a fair amount of stipend for appearing in the show. Thus, they show an exaggerated picture that is supposed to get on the nerves of its audience.

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#3. Business boom to wild assets

some Mountain Men Merchandise

Accustomed with his newly found fame, Tom Oar has made a further step in making money by selling off moccasins, custom knives, and other wilderness goodies. These have been a great attraction for the Mountain Men fans, but, unfortunately, you can’t buy the merch online. Oar has taken “off the grid” attribute seriously and hasn’t made an effort to create an online presence. If you want genuine merchandise, you need to carry yourself to Yaak, Montana.

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#2. Dangers are not so dangerous

one of the Mountain Man carving meat

Are you thrilled with imaginations of a man being chased by a bear or someone falling off a cliff as the reality show has instigated? Well, the fact is a bit different. The life of the Mountain Men cast is not as hard as it has been portrayed. Living in the wilderness under extreme conditions is most definitely not a joke. But, sometimes, the cast must fend off the occasional wolf and brave the harsh blizzard. But, isn’t it quite obvious to keep up the standards of a thrilling reality show nonetheless?

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#1. Tough jobs for Camera Crew

Mountain Men camera man holding a camera

The camera crew needs to stick to the cast, and capture their lives in extreme conditions. Picking up their backpacks and heading to a luxurious hotel at the end of the day is not an option for the cameramen as the place of the Mountain Men is nowhere near any civilization. One needs to travel hours of treacherous terrain to reach them. Thus, the camera crew is tucking in there with their supplies for multiple weeks creating a thrilling reality show.

Mountain Men have won the heart of millions by their way of living. These secrets are just some insights into the real lives that are beyond the scope of the show. Do these behind the scene facts change the fact that it is a great reality TV show? Let us know in the comments.

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