It’s been more than a year since Discovery Channel aired The Last Alaskans and fans are desperately waiting for the new season. The fourth season of the hit reality television series is presumably returning for the fourth season later this year.

When will it Return?

Heimo Korth knelling in the snow and his beard is covered in snow

Initially, it was said that the show will not return after the death of original cast member, Bob Harte, from cancer in 2017. The 66 years old Harte died just two months after season three concluded. The Last Alaskans, which initially aired on Animal Planet was moved to Discovery after its second season in 2016. There has not been any official announcement about the fourth season but according to Reality Blurred it will return in the fourth quarter of 2018. Reportedly, Bob Harte’s death will also be a part of the forthcoming season as he passed away during the filming.

Bob Harte wearing a brown cap and looking confused

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Season 3 focused on Heimo and Edna Korth, Ashley and Tyler Selden, Charlie Jagow and Bob Harte, who talked about his cancer. Season 4 will feature all them from season 3, but there has been no news about the return of also the Lewis family, who were series regular in first two seasons. It’ likely that the show will not be the same without Bob, but fans still want it to return as the show has been loved for its genuineness in comparison to other Alaskan shows.

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