Kanye West got dropped from the Grammys after his concerning behavior on the internet. The rapper’s behavior towards SNL host Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah has many fans and celebrities concerned. Trevor posted his response on Twitter, saying that he said to counsel Kanye not to cancel him.

It is no secret that Kanye is not a big fan of his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The raper has thrown shade on Pete in various songs and interviews. However, fans were horrified when Kanye kidnapped and killed Pete’s character in his Easy music video.

Kanye West attacksTrevor Noah with a racial slur

Following Kanye rejecting Pete’s offer to setter matters in private, Trevor Noah spoke about the ongoing feud between Kim, Kanye and Pete on the Daily Show. Kanye responded by posting a picture of Trevor’s google profile, twisting the first part of Kumbaya, and using it as a racial slur.

Kanye West taking a walk
Kanye West is taking a walk.
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Trevor warned people to take the situation more seriously despite many people saying that the feud is a publicity stunt for the new show The Kardashians. He went in dept with Ye’s mental health issues. He also talked about how many women go through what Kim’s going through when they choose to leave.

“Two things can be true. Kim likes publicity. Kim is also being harassed. I see a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed.”, Trevor said on the Daily Show.

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Trevor also shared his mother’s personal experience of being told that she was overreacting. But, he got a call from his brother saying their mother had been shot. Noah made clear that he was not suggesting Kanye would shoot Kim, but we should take these things seriously as a society.

“If Kim Kardashian cannot escape this, then what chance do normal women have?”, Trevor added

The fall out of Kanye’s racial slur

After Kanye West’s constant attacks on Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and the racial slurs against Trevor Noah, Instagram finally decided to Ban him. The rapper will temporarily not be able to post, comment or send any messages. However, the rapper only received a 24-hour ban, but Instagram will be taking additional steps if further violations happen.

Trevor Noah performing in Los Angeles
Trevor Noah performing in Los Angeles
Source: Instagram

However, before Instagram deleted Kanye’s racial post against Trevor Noah, the talk show host had left a lengthy comment. He talked about how Kanye was one of the rappers who inspired him and how he brought a change to the industry. Trevor also spoke about how he is more careful about many things in his life because of Ye.

“I’ve woken up too many times and read headlines about men who’ve attached their exes. their kids and then themselves. I never want to read that about you.”, Trevor commented

Kanye West will still be able to attend the Grammys and walk the red carpet. His Donda album has 5 Grammys nominations. In addition, the petition to cancel the rapper’s Coachella performance has hit 30,000 signatures.

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