Many people came to fame for the sake of being famous. Mati Conejero also holds the spotlight as the ex-wife of a celebrity chef. Moreover, Conejero’s divorce became a very public and messy spectacle.

What’s more, after the separation, Mati became a ghost. Furthermore, the chef’s ex-wife remains away from all of the media. However, her family remains surrounded by controversies. More on which down in the following article!

How old is Mati Conejero? Age and Bio

As of 2023, Mati Conejero recently turned 58 years old. Furthermore, Mati was born in 1965 to her parents. Moreover, Conejero comes from a White heritage. Besides, she holds British nationality. Her parents named her Matilde Conejero.

Marco and his ex-wife, Mati Conejero, took a picture together.
Marco and his ex-wife, Mati Conejero, took a picture together. Source: Pinterest

Many things regarding Mati still elude the public. What’s more, the ex-wife of the celebrity chef, Conejero, keeps her parents hidden. Similarly, even her birthplace and hometown continue to be a mystery.

Besides, Mati never shared anything about her family. We can find no names of Conejero’s siblings. Again, even her schools and colleges remain a secret.

Is Mati Conejero Dating a Boyfriend?

Well, as of 2023, Mati Conejero isn’t dating anyone. Furthermore, Mati’s love life remains hidden from the public eye. And so, Conejero’s currently presumed single.

Celebrity chef Marco and his ex-wife, Mati Conejero, along with their daughter took a picture together.
Celebrity chef Marco and his ex-wife, Mati Conejero, and their daughter took a picture together. Source: Instagram

Mati did marry her boyfriend in the past, though. Besides, she and the celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. What’s more, Mati and her ex-husband dated for many years. And finally, White and Conejero tied the knot on April 7th, 2000.

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Besides, the couple exchanged their vows in Holland Park and at Belvedere Restaurant. However, things did not go smoothly for the formerly married couple of Mati and Marco. In 2005, Conejero and her ex-spouse got into a huge fight. And soon after, the celebrity chef and his wife decided to separate.

Marco’s Kids and Divorce

Mati Conejero and Marco Pierre White welcomed children as any loving couple in their wedlock. Mati and her ex-husband gave birth to three children, two sons and one daughter.

Marco Pierre White took a picture in his kitchen
Marco Pierre White took a picture in his kitchen. Source: Instagram

White and his ex-wife named their sons Marco White Jr. and Luciano White. Likewise, the couple named their youngest child Mirabelle White.

What’s more, Marco had welcomed a daughter from his first marriage with Alex McArthur. Furthermore, he and his first wife named their child Letitia.

After his divorce in 1990, White met the model Lisa Butcher at a London nightclub. They duo, Lisa and Marco, engaged within three weeks. And on August 15th, 1992, White and Butcher tied the knot.

In the same year, White started an extramarital affair with Matilde. And later, he divorced his second wife for Conejero.

Messy and Public Divorce with her Husband

As their relationship started with an extramarital affair, it too ended with suspicion of Marco cheating. Moreover, The celebrity chef even spent a night in a jail cell.

In January 2005, Mati Conejero became convinced of her husband’s affair with Robin Saunders. However, things got out of hand for the ex-couple, and they ultimately finalized their divorce in the late 2000s.

What’s Mati Conejero Net Worth? How rich is she?

As of 2023, Mati Conejero holds an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. Before marriage, Mati worked as a manager at a bar named The Canteen in Chelsea Harbour. But currently, her occupation remains hidden.

Mati Conejero's ex-husband and her two of three children took a picture together
Mati Conejero’s ex-husband and her two of three children took a picture together at the Gourmet Escape, Western Australia Gourmet Festival. Source: Instagram

And the primary source of her wealth came from her wedlock with Marco Pierre White. However, it ended spectacularly. What’s more, she even dragged her ex-husband, Marco, to the supreme court. In 2013, Mati accused him of concealing his wealth.

Similarly, in 2019, Conejero asked the court to review Marco’s earnings. What’s more, the strange wife of White also asked to jail her ex-husband for paying less than the requested amount of alimony.

Her husband, Marco, the celebrity chef, currently holds an approximated net worth of $40 million. Moreover, the talented British chef owns multiple restaurants all over the UK.

Online Presence

Mati Conejero holds virtually no online presence. However, her ex-husband and children remain active on Instagram. Marco accumulated over 260k followers on Instagram.

Conejero’s daughter Maribelle Pierre White gained over 12k followers on IG. Similarly, her son Luciano White runs an IG account for his restaurant named Luciano Restuarant.

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