Celebrities we’ve Lost in 2017

2017 has not been a good year; we’ve lost many stars.

NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer

He died of throat cancer on 19 January at the age of 61 at his home in Los Angeles.

English Actor John Hurt

Hurt died on 25 January at the age of 77 at his home in Cromer, Norfolk from pancreatic cancer.

American actor Richard Hatch

He died of pancreatic cancer on 7 February at the age of 72 in Los Angeles.

American Musician AI Jarreau

He died on 12 February. Respiratory Failure was revealed as the cause of his death.

Bill Paxton

He is American actor and director.He died on 25 February at the age of 61 from a stroke following a heart surgery.

Tomy Page

Page is an singer and Songwriter. He died on 3 March at the age of 46 from what seemed to be a suicide.

Film Historian and author Robert Osborne

He died on 6 March at the age of 85. It was David Staller who confirmed Osborne’s death to the media.

American musician Chuck Berry

He died on 18 March at his home from cardiac arrest.

Billionaire David Rockefeller

He died on 20 March. The cause of death was disclosed as congestive heart failure.

American Stand-Up comedian, actor and author Don Rickles

He died on 6 April at the age of 90. The cause of his death was revealed as kidney failure.

American actor Charlie-Murphy

He died on 12 April at the age of 57 from leukemia.

American actor Clifton James

Clifton died on 15 April at the age of 96 from diabetes mellitus.

American singer and actor Michael Parks

He died on 9 May at the age of 77. The reason behind his death has not been disclosed.

American Musician Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell committed suicide on 18 May.

English actor Roger Moore

He died on 23 May at the age of 89. Moore died following a brief battle with cancer.

Writer and creator of Bodger and Badger Andy Cunningham

He died on 5 June at age 67 after a long battle with cancer.

American rapper Prodigy

Prodigy had sickle-cell anemia and was hospitalized. Prodigy died at a hospital on June 20.

British author Michael Bond

He died on 27 June at the age of 91. No reason for his death was disclosed.

YouTuber and TV personality Stevie Ryan

She was found dead in her home on 1 July at the age of 33. She died less than a week after her grandfather’s death.

British Film critic and journalist Barry Norman

He died on 30 June at the age of 83. According to his agent, he had been battling lung cancer for many years.

American actor Martin Landau

Landau died of “unexpected complications.” He died on 15 July at the age of 89.

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington

He hanged himself to death in his home on 20 July at the age of 41.

American-Canadian filmmaker and writer George A. Romero

He died in his sleep on July at the age of 77.

American actor John Heard

He was found dead at a hotel in Palo Alto, California on 21 July at the age of 72.

American actress Deborah Watling

She died on 21 July at the age of 69. Only a few weeks before death, she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

June Forray – Voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel

She died in her home in Los Angeles on 26 July at the age of 100.