Tony Reali, one of the very well-famed American sports personalities, is an exceptionally talented television host of the ESPN show – Around The Hour.

Tony Reali’s childhood passion landed him a lasting journalism career in ESPN

Tony was born on the 4th of July, 1978 in Washington D.C. He is of Italian American Catholic ethnicity. He was raised in Marlboro Township of New Jersey. Since childhood, he had a keen interest in the sports.

He completed Bachelor’s degree from the Fordham University majoring in History and Communication. He chose to stay close to the Horn Studio during his early day which undoubtedly was an early sign of the future he was to choose.

Tony Reali is wearing grey suit

as a Fordham University based sports anchor. His corresponding skills landed him opportunities to work on reports of New York-based WPIX-TV. He landed at ESPN in 2000 as a researcher and writer for a competitive quiz show called 2 Minute Drill.

He has given phenomenal performances since. He became a fact-checker at Pardon the Interruption, guest host at radio series named Preview the Interruption and the anchor of Around the Horn. He also judged the show Oddsmakers and Report Card.

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Tony Reali’s incredible journey continues to provide him bigger opportunities

As a sportscaster, Tony got to meet and interview famous players including Pele, Phil Jackson and the punk band, Pearl Jam. He even gave guest appearance on Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

Tony Reali is sitting on a chair

In addition, he voiced The Dark One in Rocked, one of the popular series which was aired on 22nd September 2012. In his two-decades-long careers, he has shown just how dedication and passion can be the foundation for noteworthy skills and outstanding perspectives.

Tony‘s fame got him an opportunity to visit the White House on July 12, 2013. Along with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, he met the 44th president of USA – Barack Obama.

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Tony Reali looks amazing and is paid a handsome salary

The immensely talented sports personality has a charming face and smart attitude. Tony stands 6 feet tall. He maintains a perfectly dressed persona and stylish hairlines. No wonder, he is still in demand as a sports host.

According to a source, Tony makes an annual salary of $100,000.  As of 2018, he has accumulated a net worth of $6 million .

Tony Reali with former president, Barack Obama

One of the few additions to his net worth is his associations with numerous sports networks. After all, why should anyone limit themselves when they have the zeal and the ability to perform better!

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Tony Reali and wife Samiya have been married for some time now

Tony Reali and wife Samiya Edwards are married since longtime. Well, according to his Twitter statement, he proposed his long time girlfriend Samiya Edwards in a bathroom. He bought her an expensive ring but unfortunately lost it while he was about to pull off the question.

Tony Reali with his daughter

Stat Girl is his wife’s nickname according to his engagement story on Twitter. Is he for real? Yeah. Ladies, we feel you. He even has a daughter with wife Samiya.

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Loss of a child!

After weeks of bearing a loss of one of the twin boys, Tony Reali returned to Around the Horn on Monday. 

Reali took it to Instagram to share that he and his wife, Samiya suffered a tragic loss. They were expecting a twins son and during the childbirth, one of the sons, Amadeo died. His other child, Enzo was born early in an emergency delivery, and he is now home and healthy. 

Tony Reali is wearing a black suit

On Monday’s show, Israel Gutierrez gave his FaceTime to Raeli. He delivered an emotional monologue on parenthood and the grief from losing a child. He expressed his grief and how he is dealing with the recent loss and ended his words by saying,

Amadeo, I love you forever, “You’re named for God’s love. May we all be craving it, may we all be giving it to each other, and may we all be compassionate enough to give it to all.

Tony Reali

Before the face time, on Sunday, he wrote on Twitter which he later shared on Instagram,

Anyone within a galaxy of me knows we were expecting twins. We lost Amadeo in the moments leading up to childbirth. We delivered Enzo weeks early in an emergency. Last week was our memorial mass for Amadeo. This week Enzo came home happy, healthy and strong. The duality of all this – the anguish and the joy – is impossible to grasp. But it’s one we know we must navigate. For me, that means two things: giving voice to our feelings and allowing others to lift us when we can’t shoulder the load of those feelings.

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