Tony Beets is a Dutch-Canadian gold miner who is featured in the hit Discovery TV series, Gold Rush.

Tony, who owns the Tamarack mine, started appearing in the show since its second season.

But how well do you know the bearded gold miner?

Here are 5 facts about Tony Beets that you might not have known.

Tony Beets’ Favorite Food

According to his daughter, Monica Beets, Tony likes buttermilk to which he adds more than sufficient “sugar.”

His favorite food is sugar, which he even adds to fried eggs. Tony likes to add a splash of coffee to his cup of sugar as well.

Tony Beets drinks a lot of Milk

When asked if he drinks a lot of milk, Tony answers with his usual straightforward candor: “Yeah. It’s better than a lot of booze.”

According to his wife, Minnie Beets, he drinks about a gallon of milk a day.

And who could possibly believe that Tony was indeed a dairy farmer in his younger days?

Tony likes to drive fast

According to his son, Kevin Beets, when Tony is driving, he goes very fast down the dirt road with twists and turns.

Kevin also claims that Tony has driven for so long, that he knows where every turns are.

Tony has three tattoos

On his right hand, Tony has a heart tattoo with his wife’s name. He has a gold panner tattoo on left hand, which his wife says, is horrible.

He also has a scroll tattoo which has the names of his children, Bianca, Kevin, Monica, Michael and Jasmine inked into it.

Tony trims his beard once a year

Most of us cannot imagine Tony without his beard. We think that the bearded wonder wouldn’t be the same without his stubble.

But according to his daughter, Tony trims his beard, which has an epic growth rate, only once a year.