Tom DeLonge has an impressive net worth. After all, he is the former guitarist and co-vocalist of one of the greatest punk rock band, Blink 182. He is currently the lead vocalist and guitarist of Angels & Airwaves.

Tom DeLonge was associated with the band Blink 182 since it formed in 1992 until 2015. They started off with a demo, Flyswatter, which was recorded in drummer Scott Raynor’s bedroom. Further, they recorded a demo cassette, Buddha, which made them famous in San Diego. 

In February 1995, they released their album Cheshire Cat. It was cited as an iconic release by fans and musicians, but it made only a little impact commercially. After that, the band started touring nationally and in some other countries too. 

Scott Raynor, Mark Hoppus, and Tom DeLonge (from left to right). Blink 182 with their original band members. All are smiling for the camera.

The band was catapulted to stardom after the release of Enema of the State. What’s My Age Again?, All the Small Things, and Adam’s Song, the three singles from the album became hit MTV staples. All the Small Things peaked at no. 6 on Billboard Hot 100 and at no.1 on Modern Rock Tracks chart. 

DeLonge left the band in mid-2000 and went on to form another band, Angels & Airwaves. The band released its debut studio album, We Don’t Need to Whisper, in 2006, which was followed by I-Empire in 2007. 

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Blink 182 announced their reunion, along with the release of a new album and a reunion tour at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards in February 2009. They released their another hit album, Neighbourhood, in September 2011, which peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Blink 182 from left to right (Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker). All following the dress coke black and facing the camera with serious faces.

DeLonge released his first solo album on April 21, 2010, which comprises of the Blink 182 demos and other titles. Out of the five studio albums of Blink 182, four were certified Platinum or Gold. On the other hand, out of five albums of Angels and Airwaves, one was certified Gold. 

Tom DeLonge’s business ventures add to his net worth

DeLonge has been involved in various business ventures. He has founded Macbeth Footwear, Atticus Clothing, and also a social networking site, Modlife. He manages all of his businesses. 

He also helped score and produce the 2011 sci-fi film, Love, while he has several other film projects in development. In 2013, he released the children’s book, The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve.

Tom DeLonge looks cute making faces. He is holding a guitar in his hand. He is the founder of Blink 182.

All his work as a musician, record producer, and entrepreneur has helped him to amass an impressive amount of net worth of $80 million. 

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Tom DeLonge is married to an interior designer wife

Tom DeLonge’s married life with wife Jennifer Jenkins is something that many people dream of. The two were friends since they were in high school. Their friendship eventually turned into love and they started dating in 1996.

Tom DeLonge and Jennifer Jenkins walking the stair. They look so adorable in the wedding dresses.

The pair got married on May 26, 2001, at Coronado, California. They had a grand reception where Jimmy Eat World performed. Also, DeLonge gave the groomsmen, including Mark Hoppus (bass guitarist and vocalist of Blink-182) silver yo-yos from Tiffany & Co. 

In 2002, the couple welcomed their first child, Ava Elizabeth. Later, in 2006, they gave birth to a son, Jonas Rocket. As of now, the family of four, along with their dogs – Henrey and Luna, resides in Del Mar, California. 

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