After being associated with CBS, he worked two years as the Chief White House Correspondent. Throughout his long journey in the broadcasting field, he is mostly known for his anchoring work for CBS Evening News. With Scott, the news show gained more audience and viewers.

In fact, CBS News announced at the end of 2015/2016 season that the news show is fastest growing networking which had the highest ratings in 10 years working time.

Often regarded as the strongest on-air personality, Pelley is also the most hardworking. He also doubles his work time by serving as the managing editor of ‘CBS Evening News’.

Scott is quite active on Twitter where he frequently posts his recent news activities. Let’s check out his recent post on Twitter where he talked about the hurricane, Matthew.

It is finally revealed that the host of 60 Minutes is shockingly earning very little compared to his competitors. Right now, he is earning $7 million a year, as a result of which, he has gathered over $12 million net worth.

Despite his comparatively low earnings, he has been able to collect a whopping net worth amount. Thanks to his hard work and increasing fame, Scott Pelley will one day earn a higher salary and also increase his net worth.

Scott Pelley, the popular face of CBS Evening News earns less money in comparison to other anchors

Scott Pelley’s salary is considered to be nearly half of what other nightly news anchors earn in other networks. The figures are even more disappointing taking into consideration that Pelley has had the most positive impact on increasing viewership.

At one time, while rival networks, NBC, ABC, and CBS were fighting it out on the ratings, CBS came third in the competition. However, credit goes to Scott Pelley for boosting CBS’s view count which is still steadily increasing. We can guess that this is a good reason for Pelley to demand higher pay.

Pelley earns 77 cents per viewer as he pulls in a crowd of 6.4 million viewers while his competitors earn $1.55-1.57 per viewer while raking in an audience of 7.6-8.3 million viewers. Based on statistics, though Pelly pulls in fewer crowds, per viewer, he is severely paid very low.

While running the popular show, Pelley has taken the interview of many renowned personalities. On Feb 18, he had a talk with one of the strongest candidate of United States Presidential election Hilary Clinton.

The dashing media personality, Scott Pelley began his career working at KSEL-TV station in 1975. In his early working time, he covered reports on Guatemalan refugees who were living in remote jungle areas of Mexico. While he was reporting in the jungle, he caught the attention of the executive of CBS News and thereafter he joined the CBS in 1989.

Scott Pelly, the famous news anchor of CBS Evening News makes millions every year. In 2014, he was earning a fair amount of $5 million. However, later he stepped up to $2 million more after he requested for it in 2014 while renewing his contract. At present time, Scott Pelley’s estimated net worth amount is around $16 million dollars and his annual salary amount is $7 million.