Taras Lavren is a Toronto-based Canadian actor and filmmaker. He is well known for his role as “William” in the historical romance drama CW Reign, in which he portrayed the finest actor. He is most recognized for his part in the online series Wayne, an American action-comedy.

In addition, This amazing actor has appeared in different roles series such as in Anne with an E, V-Wars, Blinks Twice, and other films. He is popular among his fans for giving justice to the characters that he plays. Also, he has given direction to different movies.

Early Life And Family Of Taras Lavren

The handsome actor looks very young and handsome as of now. Since the facts regarding his date of birth, age, and where he was born are not so clearly shared, we can guess that he might not have crossed four decades of his life.

Taras Lavren was posing for his Instagram feed.
Taras Lavren was posing for his Instagram feed.
Source: Instagram

Talking about Lavren’s family life, his father’s name, mother’s name, along with sibling’s name are unrevealed. It may be so because the V-Wars actor doesn’t want to mix up his family life with his professional life.

Moreover, looking at the Lavren of this date, we can calculate that his childhood might have gone quite well. He is an educated actor with bachelors from the US State University. However, the information regarding which school he went to remains undisclosed. But he might have remained quite a bright student during his time.

Married Relationship of Taras Lavren, Or Is Dating His Girlfriend? Know In Detail About His Personal Life

The Blink Twice actor hasn’t married but is in a romantic love affair with his beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Shanna Stanley-Hasnain. Shanna is a Summer Law student at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG). The couple seems to date each other for a long time. However, they haven’t stated the exact duration of their relationship timeline by both the couple.

The love bonding between the pair is clear from the photos they share on their social accounts. They often share photos symbolizing their love in the captions of their images. There is no doubt that they look like they made for each other type of perfect couple.

Taras Lavren was Posing happily with his girlfriend.
Taras Lavren was Posing happily with his girlfriend.
Source: Instagram

Since Lavren is very cautious about his confidentialities, more details about when and where the couple met and when the couple is going to marry remain uncertain. However, we can be certain that the couple’s bond will not end with a breakup.

How Much Money Does Taras Lavren Make? Learn About His Net Worth.

Taras Lavren makes money from his career as a successful actor, producer, and director. Many of his fans may be willing to know how much is his monthly salary and yearly income? But unfortunately, this mysterious guy hasn’t shared that information on the internet yet.

Taras Lavren enjoying in his car with a cute little puppy
Taras Lavren was enjoying himself in his car with a cute little puppy
Source: Instagram

As of 2022, Lavren’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately between $ 1 Million and $5 Million. Though he has directed many films and made many investments, the major source of his income is the successful acting career that has made him this rich.

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The V-Wars director hasn’t revealed how many fixed assets he has to the date. More information about his assets like his house, cars, or other personal belongings will be updated soon, so stay connected with us for those facts.

Social Accounts Of Taras Lavren

The Annie With An E actor has gained a lot of attention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in the last few months. He has regular viewers on his channels and a nice number of likes on his Instagram posts. From his social accounts, we can assure that he is very popular among his fans.

Talking about the Instagram account, he has 14.8K followers and over 230 posts. In comparison to other sites, he seems to use Instagram more often. However, Taras may hide it because of security reasons.

The CW Reign Actor often posts photos depicting his daily activities and love life. He has remained quite open about his love life by sharing many photos with his girlfriend on his Instagram. Whereas he also keeps promoting his films using social media platforms.

Early Career Of Taras Lavren

Taras Lavren decided to convert his acting passion into a profession. As he was very much sure about choosing his future dream, he joined in theatre class he was in high school. He then moved on to Humber College, where he continued to sharpen his acting abilities, before enrolling in Centennial College’s post-graduate film business program, where he pursued his second interest of directing and producing.

Taras Lavren with his girlfriend in an Award Function back in the year 2016
Taras Lavren with his girlfriend in an Award Function back in the year 2016
Source: Instagram

After graduation, Taras wanted to create his first short film, My Coffee with Jim. As a director, cinematographer, and producer, he has collaborated on several other critically acclaimed films, music videos, and creative works. Lavren devoutly pursues his passion for performing, no matter where it leads him.

Talking about Lavren’s first part on the TV program, it was Reign. Still, it was in Season One and Two of Netflix and CBC’s Anne with an E from which he gained a sizable fan base among those who appreciate a darker interpretation of the famous Canadian tale.

Other Interests of Lavren

Taras Lavren is also a talented guitarist, and one of his many artistic interests is music. Blink Twice Films owner describes himself as an artist in the Instagram description, which embraces his nature and talent.

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Not limited to acting, producing, directing and playing music, his interest is also spread to writing. In one of his interviews with the Hollywood media, he has said that he has attempted writing a few times and enjoys it, but he often finds himself unable to build a tale properly.

Lavren rapidly becomes irritated and abandons the project. He feels he should attempt to be more disciplined and finish at least one decent script. He claims he needs some inspiration to develop outstanding ideas and collaborate with others.